Our staff are available to provide you, free of charge, with assistance in the use of our graphics and visualization packages, the development of custom computer graphics tools, the application of graphics algorithms, and the conversion of data into effective graphical representations.

Computer graphics is an extremely powerful means to communicate large or complex sets of information. It may be used as an aid in scientific inquiry, as a means of conveying ideas or scientific results, or as an exciting new medium in the arts. RCS supports several powerful software tools for producing graphics, from scientific or information visualizations to fine art animation. Our graphics consultants are here to help members of the Boston University community use these tools and to produce meaningful and effective visual material.

The goal of our graphics consultants is to make the production of scientific visualizations as effective and straightforward as possible. It is often helpful to discuss your project with a consultant and together define a connection between the underlying phenomena and a feasible visual display which effectively communicates it. The consultant may help familiarize the researcher with appropriate software or specific techniques and provide information on computer graphics principles and algorithms. A consultant may help with production of images or animations for use in the classroom, at workshops or conferences, for delivery on the web, or for publication, and with conversion of file formats, processing of image or model files. A consultant may write scripts or graphics programs, or may take on an active role of collaboration by working on long term projects which have a graphics component. He/she is also available to deliver a tutorial to your class or group, tailored to your needs.

For those projects which use audio, staff are available to assist in a number of ways. Consultants are able to help with the use of audio software and hardware for recording and editing sounds, voiceovers, and music for video or presentation uses. Consultants may also assist in the production of 3D immersive sound for virtual environments. They may also provide assistance for special projects, such as novel sonic or musical interfaces for art installations, directional audio in videoconferencing environments, and the translation of scientific or experimental data into sound, aka sonification.

Scientific projects have included: Visualizations of molecular dynamics simulations, acoustic wave propagation, space weather simulation, satellite trajectories, interactive visualizations of social networking data, simulations of mammalian auditory response, quantum chromodynamics, computational analysis of electrical defibrillation, vortex shedding, and others. You can see some of the results of our staff’s collaboration with researchers in our Highlights & Visualization Gallery.

Artistic projects have included hosting projects from Boston University’s College of Fine Arts classes, and collaborative virtual environments involving numerous artists.

Please send mail to rcs@bu.edu to ask questions or to schedule a meeting to discuss your project.