Whether you are working on your research or teaching a course making use of our facilities, our staff are available to assist you, free of charge, in getting the most out of the Shared Computing Cluster. This applies to those of you working with existing commercial or open-source applications, as well as people writing their own codes. Our scientific programmers can help you with all aspects of using our machines, from choosing which of our systems will best meet your needs to working with you to get the greatest efficiency from your code or application. This includes helping with porting existing codes to our systems and selecting, implementing, and refining algorithms appropriate to your application for new codes. We help with parallelizing your code, measuring its performance, and tuning it for our systems. We can also help with statistics programming and the use of statistics packages. Our staff can also show you the most effective numerical methods, scientific libraries, and computational techniques that are available for your application

In addition to working directly with individual users in person or through email on their codes, we may be able to customize a tutorial or presentation and deliver it to your research group or class. More specialized collaborations with professors and researchers also occur, such as for one class we wrote a customized MATLAB GUI to better enable the students’ use of our supercomputers.

Please contact us at help@rcs.bu.edu for help with any of the above or to schedule a meeting to discuss your code or project.