There is a great deal of information available related to Grants Management (GM) reports and data. This page provides a table of contents for the various resources available among the Help Guides and reporting training sessions.

Grant Management Report Documentation

The heavily-used GM reports are described in detail. The GM Report page provides links to documents that contain a broad range of useful information, including report descriptions, views of sample output, definitions of Characteristics and Key Figures.

GM Job Aids

As the category name suggests, Job Aids are intended to help you do your job. They are guides that target business questions commonly asked in the context of Grants Management reports and grant data. View Available Job Aids related to GM.

GM Reference Information

A variety of Grants Management reference materials are available, including master data relationships, definitions of grant dates, and award status definitions. View GM Reference information

Training for GM Reporting

Introduction to GM Reporting – this is the basic course that you should attend if you need to track financial activity against a grant. This course is also a prerequisite to the intermediate-level GM Reporting workshop. The course is typically offered once per month.

Intermediate/Advanced GM Reporting – once you have taken the Intro-level course and have worked with GM reports for a month or more, you are eligible to attend the Int/Adv workshop. In an effort to make the session as relevant as possible, the agenda is driven entirely by attendee’s questions. The workshop is offered every 2-3 months.

Document Library Table of Contents (not specific to GM)

Didn’t find the Help guide that you were looking for among the GM materials? View a list of all available BW Help Guides in the Document Library

Help / training offered by the Sponsored Programs Post Award Office

The office (formerly known as PAFO) provides extensive sponsored research Training and How-to materials that include:

  • Research How-to’s
  • Grant How-to’s
  • Grant Management training