These guidelines are provided by IS&T to student software developers who want to use some of the University’s IT services and data in the design of their class project assignments. 

Authentication Services

Shibboleth provides an effective solution for secure, multi-organizational access to web resources. It enables access control for web-based applications and provides web single sign-on functionality for services hosted by your site, other sites, or both. Shibboleth also simplifies account and access management related to offering protected web-based resources. 

Two-Factor Authentication with Duo Security

Our two-factor authentication service Duo asks individuals logging in to confirm their identity using a smartphone, via text, via automated voice calls, or on a secured kiosk (for certain staff).  

Cloud Services for Students

Cloud Services for Students offers access to select cloud service providers for computing infrastructure (virtual servers, storage, etc.) and related tools.  Be sure to click on the links for more information related to three providers when you go to the Cloud Services for Students page.

University Data Usage

Protecting University Data is a shared responsibility.  Students have access to their own individual student records through the Student Link Portal and need to understand any impact with respect to sharing or storing their data. 

The University is required to adhere to government regulations concerning access to student data. One such example is FERPA which imposes controls on access to student data. IS&T does not provide access to any student data beyond IS&T provided application services.  Under no circumstances should there be open programmatic access to student data from student developed projects.  Students developing computer programs as part of an academic assignment are required to generate test data and are prohibited from using data from University Student Information Systems.

Consult additional links below for more information on sensitive data. 

Please contact IS&T with any additional questions.