Quick Start

Available to: Students

Cost: No charge

Cloud Services for Students offers access to select cloud service providers for computing infrastructure (virtual servers, storage, etc.) and related tools.  The Cloud also simplifies the building and rapid access to created infrastructure aimed at accelerating time to value for your coursework. They include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform. There are service limits to the offering; students in cooperation with their faculty should evaluate which service provider and specifically which service is best for their coursework. IS&T can assist with the evaluation of the proper services.


  • Innovation: use the latest tools in the rapidly evolving world of Cloud Computing
  • Speed:  quickly build cloud resources for technical coursework
  • Availability: cloud is available 24x7 giving flexibility
  • Support: interact directly with the cloud provider or ask for consultation with IS&T

Key Features

  • Serverless options as well as containers
  • Cloud machine learning services
  • Security features to protect student workloads can be applied


  • Registered for classes in the current semester
  • Faculty must be consulted as to the appropriateness of the coursework
  • Review each provider’s program for specific services and limits


No charge for the program if used under the spend limit for the term (1 year period). Spend limits vary by cloud provider, limits are outline on each provider's page. You can convert the account to a paid program, consult with IS&T if needed.

Getting Started

Review the student software developer guidelines and select one of the cloud service providers below and follow the steps on their site to activate your free account.