The Shibboleth System is a standards based, open source software package for web single sign-on across or within organizational boundaries. It allows sites to make informed authorization decisions for individual access to protected online resources, while preserving privacy.

Shibboleth provides an effective solution for secure, multi-organizational access to web resources. It enables access control for web-based applications and provides web single sign-on functionality for services hosted by your site, other sites, or both. Shibboleth also simplifies account and access management related to offering protected web-based resources.


  • Enables use of a single password for multiple applications
  • Leverages account management over multiple applications
  • Simplifies access to third-party services
  • Operates within and across organizational boundaries
  • Allows institutions to choose their authentication technology
  • Enables service providers to control access to their resources

Getting Started

Your web service must be capable of being a Shibboleth Service Provider (SP).

If you are a Service Provider (SP) and wish to use Shibboleth authentication, submit a service request now.