Quick Start

Available to: Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments

IS&T offers a secure backup and restore service for servers and storage systems. This service stores backups primarily in our on-campus data center and an optional off-site location for disaster recovery. This service recovers your lost or corrupted data, allowing us to restore your operational data to a previous state when needed.

Backup is reserved for active operational servers. Data that requires long-term storage but is not needed for daily operations is more suited for IS&T’s Network File Storage service.


Leveraging IS&T’s backup service alleviates the need for departments to purchase, maintain, and operate independent backup environments. Backups are de-duplicated, compressed for storage efficiency, and encrypted.

Key Features

  • Ability to restore lost or corrupted files. 
  • Primary Backup  
    • Backups are stored in IS&T’s primary data center and retained for 21 days. 
    • Each department receives a 10TB allocation for on-campus backups at no charge.  Requests for larger backup capacity may incur charges, but IS&T will assist you in assessing a cost-effective solution for backing up and safeguarding your data.
  • Duplicate Backup (Optional)   

What to Expect

New Backup and Restore requests are typically fulfilled within two business days.  


Temporary administrative account access is necessary to install the backup client software initially.

UNIX/Linux-based systems must actively participate in the University’s Global UID System and be domain-joined to Active Directory.

Windows-based systems must be part of the University’s Active Directory Service.


We will charge for backups that go beyond their designated base allocations.

Getting Started

If you wish to learn more about IS&T’s backup service, please consult the service FAQ. Use the online forms to request or modify backup service and to request file restoration.