Frequently Asked Questions:

    • When are backups made?
      • Typically, backups begin at midnight daily. We store them on campus for a 21-day retention period.
    • What if I want longer retention?
      • A copy of your backups can be stored off-campus. This copy is retained for 30 days.
    • When will my file be restored?
      • Typically, we complete restores within 2 business days.  However, factors such as (1) data/file size, (2) offsite backup retrieval, or (3) incomplete or inaccurate restore request information may impact the time needed for the restore.
    • Can you restore any files?
      • Restoring files backed up daily is possible if they are within their designated retention period.
    • What if I don’t own the file(s)?
      • To restore files not owned or accessible by you, ask your system administrator to submit a lost file request.
        Otherwise, we cannot restore files not owned by the requestor.

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