Faculty and Staff

  • To request new voice mail, remove voice mail, or make changes to current service submit an ISR to IS&T Communication Services. Voice mail is $15 to install.
  • When ordering new voice mail, be sure to include the line that is getting the new mailbox, the type of mailbox needed,  and the “0-out” number.  When a caller reaches voice mail, they must have the option of reaching a live person by pressing “0” during business hours.  The “0-out” is generally a main departmental number.
  • Voice mail requests can usually be completed within 1 hour of receiving the requisition during regular business hours.


  • If you have ordered local service through Verizon for your dorm room, BU voice mail is included in the cost.  Please email us with your name and your dorm room telephone number and we will add  voice mail to your service.