Quick Start

Available to: Faculty and their delegated Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows

Cost: No charge

Administrative systems available through the Faculty Link provide faculty access to class schedules, class lists, advisee lists, and final exam schedules, as well as academic and contact information for students in their current classes. In addition, faculty can initiate the automatic generation of course sites, post final grades for their courses, send email to a class list, and perform other functions.


Faculty and their delegates, such as teaching assistants, teaching fellows, and staff, have online access to central administrative functions that support their work with classes and students. Online access cuts red tape, reduces the time needed for administrative tasks, increases faculty control over course-related data, and allows access from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Key Features

  • Access to class and exam schedules
  • Access to class lists and student academic records
  • Real-time access and instant updates
  • Grading, advising, note-taking online
  • Delegation of specific tasks (e.g., grading) to TAs or TFs
  • Full integration with University-wide business processes


Must be instructor of record for a class or have been delegated privileges as TA/TF

Getting Started

  • To access services, visit the Faculty Link.
  • Requests by academic/business units to add functionality to the Faculty Link can be made by contacting us.