Quick Start

Available to: Staff, Departments

Cost: No charge

The Business Link provides a view of historical Financial and Sourcing and Procurement systems (through FY 2011) and full administrative functions for Auxiliary Services, Student Employment, Undergraduate Admissions, etc.


The Business Link’s web-based applications, in conjunction with BUworks, generally replace traditional, terminal-based applications and functions.

Key Features

  • Real-time information about some University data
  • Secured access to business data and administrative functions


Must be a current Boston University employee and have the proper permits to access the desired functions

Getting Started

  • Visit the Business Link.
  • Individual functions within the Business Link are supported by the sponsoring department. For example, parking-related inquiries are handled by Parking Services. Links or a contact form within a particular function of the portal direct you to the appropriate contact.
  • Business units can contact us to request the addition of functionality to the Business Link.
The StudentLink enables students to view their personal, academic, financial and other information relevant to their studies at BU. The StudentLink allows students to register for classes, pay their bills, buy convenience points, and maintain their personal information as well as manage access to selected information.