Quick Start

Available to: Students, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments, Alumni, Prospective Students, New/Incoming Students, Guests

Cost: No charge

ShareLink provides secure access to those parents, employers, and other interested third parties a student has authorized to view the student’s academic and financial information. The student must use MyBU Student to sponsor a login account for each person who will have access. The student also specifies the information available to each party and controls the duration of access.


Sharing functionality and specific information with student-sponsored individuals allows the business to reduce administrative overhead by enabling a wider audience to access pertinent data and perform specific actions. Currently, students can share their transcript preview, proof of enrollment, and student account bill, which can be paid online.

Key Features

  • Secure, web-based access is provided with authentication through the standard BU Web login mechanism.
  • Current students can use the Student Link to sponsor login accounts for people who are not affiliated with Boston University, to provide access to specified information. Account setup is fully automated.
  • Students have full control over the specification of information available to each party, and can revoke access at any time with immediate effect.


  • To access data via ShareLink a login account is required; data shown depends on the presence of active records being shared with the person accessing ShareLink.
  • Business units wanting to add functionality must be the Business Owner or Business Process Owner.

Getting Started

  • Visit ShareLink.
  • Requests from business units to add functionality can be made by contacting us.
  • Context dependent help is available in the business sponsored functions and support is provided by the appropriate business unit. For example, the student account bill function is supported by Student Account staff.
  • Students wishing to share their information or modify existing access should use the ShareLink Access link under Manage Access to Your Academic Information in the Personal tab of the Student Link.
  • Requests for access to student records should be made directly to the student.
Manage Access to Your Academic Information