Scope and Responsibilities

This committee oversees technology services that directly support teaching and learning, such as classroom technology, course management systems, e-portfolios, classroom capture systems, audience/student response systems, and other innovative uses of technology for learning.


  • Matt Parfitt, Associate Professor and Chair of the Division of Rhetoric, CGS
  • Jonathan J. Wisco, Associate Professor, BUSM


  • Linda Vaughan Jerrett, Executive Director, Learning & Event Technology Services (LETS) & Strategic Initiatives
  • Harry Lawrence, Manager, Educational Technologies, Digital Learning & Innovation


  • Mabel Bai, Assistant Professor of Revenue Management, SHA
  • Deborah Breen, Director, Center for Teaching & Learning
  • Lisa Brown, Clinical Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy & Athletic Training, SAR
  • Pablo Buitron de la Vega, Assistant Professor, BUSM
  • Leo Burstein, Director, Educational Technology, MET
  • Damon Carlson, Sr. Educational Technologist, Digital Learning & Innovation
  • Greg DeFronzo, Director, ITS,¬†Questrom School of Business
  • Chris Dellarocas, Associate Provost for Digital Learning & Innovation, Provost
  • Helen Edwards, Asst. Director, Program Evaluation, GSDM
  • Elena Forzani, Assistant Professor of Language and Literacy, WCEHD
  • Jennifer Jackson, Assistant Vice President, Digital Architecture & Technology Platforms
  • Ashley Jester, Associate University Library, Research & Lmg, Libraries
  • Afsheen Lakhani, Director, General Dentistry, BUMC
  • Jana Mulkern, Assoc. Director, Instructional Service, BUMC IT
  • Lorraine Norwich, Assistant Director, Disability Services, DOS
  • Timothy Palmer, Professor of the Practice, Department of Film & Television
  • Daniel Parks, Assistant Vice President & University Registrar, CGS
  • Monica Pessina, Assistant Professor, Anatomy & Neurobiology, BUSM
  • Jason Prentice,¬†Lecturer, CAS Writing Program
  • Dan Rabinowitz, Educational Technologist, Information Technology
  • John Regan, Master Lecturer, Division of Rhetoric, CGS