Scope and Responsibilities

This committee provides strategic leadership and vision to accelerate BU research with leading research technology infrastructure and services. Committee members collaborate with IS&T to leverage industry partnerships or sponsored programs to enhance and expand the impact of BU research infrastructure. Committee scope ranges from advanced networking to high performance computing, big data, specialized research applications, and computationally-intensive research support across a wide range of disciplines. This committee is a partnership between the faculty, IS&T and the office of the VP Research.


  • Anita DeStefano, Professor, Biostatistics/LinGA, SPH
  • Gloria Waters, Vice President & Associate Provost for Research


  • Wayne Gilmore, Director, Research Computing


  • Azer Bestavros, Professor, Computer Science, CAS
  • Jacob Bor, Assistant Professor of Global Health/Epidemiology, SPH
  • Eleni Castro, Head of Digital Ventures, Libraries
  • David Coker, Professor, CAS Chemistry
  • Roscoe Giles, Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, ENG
  • Vijaya Kolachalama, Associate Professor, Medicine, BUSM
  • Chunyu Liu, Associate Professor, Biostatistics, SPH
  • Abraham Matta, Professor, Computer Science, CAS
  • Eugenio Menegon, Associate Professor, History, CAS
  • Stefano Monti, Associate Professor, School of Medicine, BUMC
  • Melih Motro, Clinical Associate Professor, Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics, GSDM
  • Raviv Murciano-Goroff, Assistant Professor, Strategy and Innovation, Questrom
  • Maxwell Palmer, Associate Professor & Director of Advanced Programs, CAS
  • Ioannis (Yannis) Paschalidis, Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, ENG
  • Ernie Perez, Executive Director, BUMC IT
  • Tyler Perrachione, Assistant Professor, SAR
  • Claudio Rebbi, Professor, Physics, CAS
  • Anders Sandvik,¬†Professor, Physics, CAS
  • Johannes Schmieder,¬†Assistant Professor, Economics, CAS
  • Saul Youssef,¬†Research Associate Professor, Center for Computational Science, CAS