Scope and Responsibilities

This committee oversees broadly shared technology services such as the wired and wireless networks, storage and backup, email, calendar and collaboration tools, and websites. It also oversees policies, procedures, and technologies to ensure the security, integrity and availability of BU data and systems, as well as compliance with applicable regulations.


  • Steve Burgay, Senior Vice President, External Affairs, MARCOM
  • Christy Talley, Deputy General Counsel, General Counsel


  • Eric Jacobsen, Director of Information Security, IS&T
  • Jill Beckman, Executive Director, Client Services, IS&T


  • Brian Anderson, Director, Information Technology, CAS
  • Jon Brousseau, Associate Director, Creative Design, MARCOM
  • Julia Burstein, Executive Director, IT & Engineering, MET
  • Marion Candrea, Associate Vice President, Internal Audit & Advisory Services
  • Tom Dauria, Director of Budget & Planning, BUMC- SPH
  • Jim Donohue, Director of Risk Management, CFO & Treasurer
  • Ellen Frentzen, Associate Director, Library & Admin Access, LAW
  • Marco Gaboardi, Associate Professor, Computer Science, CAS
  • Curtis Galloway, Associate Director of Network and Systems, Questrom
  • Yin Gao, Director, Administration & Finance, STH
  • Anthony Griffiths, Associate Professor of Microbiology, BUMC-MED
  • Keith Haran, Sourcing Manager, CFO & Treasurer
  • Dan Healy, Lieutenant Administrative, Campus Planning & Operations, OPS-BUPD
  • Kelly Lockard, Assistant VP, Continuous Improvement & Data, Financial Affiars
  • Marylou O’Donnell-Rundlett, Associate Vice President,  Enrollment Services
  • Marty Oppenheimer, Associate General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel
  • Joseph Palmisano, Associate Director, Data Management, BUMC
  • Ernie Perez, Executive Director, BUMC IT
  • Eddie Ramones, Director, HRIS
  • Kerri Saucier, Assistant VP, Advancement
  • Steve Singer, Assoc. Dean of Students
  • Mayank Varia, Research Scientist & Co-Director of RISCS, CAS
  • Michael Ward, Director, Library Technology & Discovery, Libraries
  • Gregory Weldon, Assistant Vice President, Infrastructure Operations
  • Julie Wickstrom, Executive Director of Financial Assistance, ENSA
  • Yuting Zhang, Assistant Professor, MET