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Pre-symposium events
Pre-symposium events
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Committee and symposium members
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Presenters and panelists
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Roundtable discussion
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Symposium Participants

:: View photos of the Planning Committee ::

A planning group composed of three Boston University members and eight international and American institutions met at the university on July 14 and 15 of 2005 to construct the framework in which Tanglewood II could be held.  Members below are indicated by an asterisk. 

In addition, eight pre-symposium events were held to explore major questions posed by the planning group.  Each of these leaders are indicated below with a plus sign.

+Randall Allsup, Assistant Professor in Music and Music Education, Columbia University
Deanne Bogdan, Professor Emerita in the Graduate Program in Philosophy of Education, Department of Theory and Policy Studies, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto

*Andre de Quadros, Chairman, Tanglewood II Symposium; Director of Boston University School of Music
*Thomas C. Duffy, Director of Bands, Yale University
Suzanne B. Hanser, Professor, Berklee College of Music
*+Frank Heuser, Associate Professor and in charge of Music Education, UCLA
*Micheal Houlahan, Chairman, Millersville University Music Department, Pennsylvania

Deborah Hutchings-Mitchell, Director of Music Education at California State University Long Beach
*Estelle Jorgensen, Professor, School of Music, Indiana University

+Jonathan C. Kramer, Teaching Associate Professor in the Music Department at North Carolina State University, and Adjunct Professor of Ethnomusicology at Duke University

+John Kratus, Professor of Music, Area Chair of Music Education, Michigan State University

Libby Larsen, Composer

Stephen Lashbrook, Teacher/Consultant with the Toronto District School Board

+Scott Lipscomb, Associate Professor of Music, University of Minnesota
*William McManus, Project Administrator, Tanglewood II Symposium; Chair of Music Education, Boston University

Jane Freeman Moulin, Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Anicet Mundundu, Ethnomusicologist, Pittsburgh

*Masafumi Ogawa, Professor of Music Education, Yokohama National University, Faculty of Education and Human Science

Rebecca Chávez Ortega, member of the Music Educator’s National Conference
*Anthony J. Palmer, Director, Tanglewood II Symposium; Professor of Music, Boston University

Jon Piersol, Dean of the College of Music at Florida State University, 1991-2005
James Pritchett, Associate Professor and Director CAS Anthropology, Boston University
Benjamin Pruitt, Director, Office of Fine Arts Education for the Detroit Public Schools
Jane Wilburn Sapp, Cultural Worker, Artist, and Educator

+J. Mark Scearce, Director, Music Department, North Carolina State University
+Margaret Schmidt, Assistant Professor of Music Education, Arizona State University
*+David Sears, Senior Director, Education Programs for the GRAMMY Foundation

Helmi Vent, professor of music and dance education at the University Mozarteum Salzburg, Austria

+Terese Volk, Associate Professor of Music Education, Wayne State University
*Heidi Westerlund, Professor of Music Education at Sibelius Academy, Helsinki,


+David G. Woods, Dean, School of Fine Arts, University of Connecticut
Lawrence Zbikowski, Associate Professor, University of Chicago

Boston University Tanglewood II Steering Committee

Associate Professor Bernadette Colley, Tanglewood Scholars

Professor Andre De Quadros , Chairman

Assistant Professor David Hebert, Documentation

Associate Professor William McManus , Project Administrator

Associate Professor Sandra Nicolucci, Tanglewood Scholars

Professor Anthony J. Palmer , Program Director

Andrew Ryan, Assistant, Member of Planning Commitee


Symposium Staff and Support

Andrew C. Ryan, Senior Staff Assistant; Boston University College of Fine Arts

Anthony Enslow, Financial Records, Boston University College of Fine Arts

Richard Green, Web Site Design

Chris Wilson, Audio Manager

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