Got the COVID-19 Blues? This App Is a Refuge

A rescinded job offer, graduation plans cancelled and little to zero social contact – can leave even the most positive people – at a loss. This was the case for computer science graduate student and Spark! software engineering TA, Asad Malik. 

“What I noticed was that a lot of my friends were going through similar situations, and it’s fair to assume that there was a lot of emotional buildup happening. I saw them taking to Instagram to share some of their deeper, more personal thoughts,” Malik said. 

“I wanted to do that and be expressive, but if I post on Instagram it doesn’t give a certain amount of respect to your deeper thoughts. If you post something like that, it will probably show up in between memes and influencers,” he added.

 According to a study led by BU researchers, depression rates have tripled during COVID-19 amongst all demographics, so it’s no surprise that people are looking for an outlet.

Malik took his computer science background and created something new. Embarking on a solo endeavor, he created Rubiic. It’s a platform designed to “explore self expression, self-reflection, and authenticity.”

Whether that’s through voice recordings, music, photos, or journaling, there’s a means for everyone to share thoughts publicly or privately – you become part of a community platform where being vulnerable is the norm. 

“This is a place where the people in your life can get an idea of what your mental state is,” said Malik. “There’s just something about seeing your thoughts exist outside of your mind,” he added.

To give Malik’s safe space a try, head to the site and download it on any Android or iPhone.