Research in Smart Lighting: SLURP Scholars

Our group in the Multimedia Communications Lab (MCL) at BU is funded as part of the LESA. Each summer we host up to 5 Smart Lighting Undergraduate Research Program Scholars to be engaged in topical problems related to our research program. See BU Smartlighting and RPI Smartlighting.

Our work involves developing novel systems for indoor lighting that improve human health, productivity, and energy efficiency. Of particular interest is the integration of computer control into lighting that provides both energy optimization as well as wireless access. We use the visible spectrum opportunistically to achieve dense distribution of wireless via the placement of luminaires.

The work spans many areas including: device modeling, circuit design and fabrication, embedded system design and programming, mechanical design and assembly, modeling, simulation, communications systems analysis, prototyping, programming, matlab, simulink, photonics, optics. However, we work as a team and divide and conquer. SLURP students will work with a team of graduate students engaged in all aspects of the work.

SLURP students will begin on or about June 1 and will participate in:

  •  the annual NSF Site review for the center in Troy NY in early June. The research period extends to the middle or end of August depending on the research planned during the year.
  • outreach activities including serving as teaching and lab assistants in support for UDesign, Summer Challenge, and Summer Pathways.

What are we looking for? Folks that are willing to get creative to solve interesting technical challenges; hands-on people; problem solvers; ones willing to learn new skills to move us forward.

Interested students are to send:
Resume and a confidential letter of support from faculty advisor to Dr. Thomas Little by February 1.  Selected candidates students will be contacted for a phone interview.

Contact:  Thomas Little, ECE Department, Boston University