Emerging Technologies Track: Light-Based Communications and Positioning

September 2015, Boston MA, VTC 2015

Topics include: Light-based positioning, tracking, ranging; IR and laser-based techniques; visible light communications (VLC); optical modulation formats; indoor navigation; relative positioning; light-based beaconing; camera communications; image-based positioning systems; trilateration and triangulation using light.

Overview: In this track we focus on light-based positioning and associated communications. We seek both theoretical and practical aspects of light-based positioning especially as can be applied to GPS-limited environments where novel techniques are required to achieve service level guarantees.

Since it’s inception in the mid-90s positioning via GPS has proven to be transformative technology impacting all facets of life. But as a technology it is less reliable within structures where the GPS signals are impaired. Moreover, there are many examples where alternative positioning technologies are more relevant, have higher accuracy, or lower latency.

In the vehicular safety context the latency in obtaining accurate relative distance measurements is essential to support collision avoidance.  In applications such as robotics, there is a need for very fine positional information to achieve real time feedback control of actuators.  And in indoor applications such as retail spatial resolution is not as essential as long as marketers are able to decode browsing habits and enable navigation to products.  Finally, there are various needs for privacy and for high-availability; the latter implies that the positioning modality be free of congestion, being available and reliable even when many independent entities seek position information.

Although this session is within the VTC umbrella, we are interested in all aspects of light-based positioning and communication that are relevant and translatable to future indoor and outdoor systems where GPS does not meet all needs.

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Paper Submission Deadline:  March 2, 2015