volume 8, issue 1: aftershock

editor’s introduction

Julián Serna

feature essays

Saltwater Dreams, Fragmented Visions: iPhone Aesthetics in the Karrabing Film Collective’s Wutharr, Saltwater Dreams
Jake Matthews

Envisioning Dependency: What it Means to Care
Madison Whitaker

visual essays

Everything and Nothing: The Diary of One Who Leaves
Japheth Asiedu-Kwarteng

research spotlights

Collections in Catastrophe: A Study of Disaster Preparedness in New Orleans Art Museums
Heather Burich

exhibition reviews

Studies in Solitude: The Art of Depicting Seclusion
Hailey Chomos

Firelei Báez and Stephen Hamilton: Indigo
Colleen Foran

Glenn Kaino: In the Light of a Shadow
Max Gruber

back matter

Notes about Contributors