volume 10, issue 1: threads

editor’s introduction

Hannah Jew

feature essays

Skeuomorphic Textiles: Stitches in Stone
Tracey Davison

Folds: Female Sexuality in Artemisia Gentileschi’s Danaë 
Isabella Dobson

A Piece of the “Gold Blanket”: Gardiner’s Island, Captain William Kidd, and the Gifting of Family History
Allison Donoghue

Cut with the Tailor Scissors: Hannah Höch’s Textile Designs and the Development of Photomontage
Iris Giannakopoulou

Ties That Bind: Hairwork as Family Portrait in the Nineteenth-Century United States
Victoria Kenyon

exhibition reviews

2023 James and Audrey Foster Prize
Michelle Kelley


Unraveling the Artistic Threads: An Interview with Snigdha Tiwari
Sakina Ahmad

visual and creative essays

Thread as Measurement of the Distance From East to West or Me to You
Noah Greene-Lowe

Re-Fuse: The Macro-Ecologies of Microfiber Waste
Adelaide Theriault

back matter

Notes about Contributors