We offer a range of programs to harness the support of small groups with shared interests and goals. Our most popular group offerings include:


Our interactive workshop series is designed to guide participants through the essential steps of developing a healthy eating pattern that maximizes nutrition and satisfaction.

Custom Seminars

Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) are experts in a variety of topics including sports nutrition, weight management, and healthy meal planning. Let us create a custom nutrition seminar to meet the unique interests of your group.

Cooking Classes and Demonstrations

Healthy Cooking on a Budget is the most popular one-credit nutrition course that we teach at BU. Our RDNs are available to provide a healthy cooking demonstration or series for your group. Learn more about Healthy Cooking on a Budget and our other nutrition classes here.

Sports Nutrition

Whether you are a competitive athlete or training for your first event, our sports nutrition packages are designed to help your group optimize training, performance, and recovery.

Please indicate your area of interest when you contact us.