Nutrition Workshops

This popular workshop series will guide participants through the essential steps of developing a healthy eating pattern that matches their health goals, food preferences, and lifestyle demands. Custom seminar topics may also be of interest to your group.

1: Meal Planning 1-2-3

This workshop focuses on the essentials of eating well. Learn how to calculate your own unique energy needs, and use our meal planning tools to customize meals and snacks that maximize your nutrition and satisfaction.

2: Thoughtful Eating

This workshop builds on your nutrition foundation by addressing the less nutritious foods that may tempt you throughout the day, even when you’re not hungry. Learn how to prioritize your favorite foods with our thoughtful eating strategies, and shift the balance of eating for nutrition and pleasure in your favor.

3: Advanced Meal Planning

The workshop will provide you with the advanced tools to develop a detailed plan of eating, customized to meet your health goals. Recommendations for meal timing, dining out, and convenience foods are also addressed.

The following skills-based workshops are designed for students living in apartments and/or preparing their own meals all while on a college budget.

4: Budget-friendly Meal Planning

This workshop builds on basic meal planning principles by addressing specific foods and strategies for maximizing nutrition and your budget. Learn how to plan healthy, balanced meals at affordable prices.

5: Stocking a Healthy Kitchen

This workshop will teach you tips and tricks to shop smart and save. Learn how to extend your budget at the grocery store, properly store ingredients at home, and make the most out of your purchases in the kitchen.

Please indicate your interest in nutrition workshops when you contact us.