Paula A. Quatromoni, DSc, RD

Associate Professor of Nutrition and Chair, Department of Health Sciences

  • Additional Titles:Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology, BU School of Public Health
    Associate Professor, Department of General Medical Sciences, BU School of Medicine
  • Education:BS Nutrition, University of Maine, Orono, ME
    MS Nutrition, University of Maine, Orono, ME
    Dietetic Internship, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA
    D.Sc., Epidemiology, Boston University School of Public Health
  • Website or Lab: Nutritional Epidemiology Lab
  • Phone:617-353-5797

Scholarly, Research, and/or Practice Interests

  • School-based health promotion and nutrition education
  • Child, adolescent, and adult obesity
  • Diet and chronic disease, specifically cardiovascular disease and metabolic disease
  • Sports nutrition
  • Eating disorders prevention and treatment
  • Dietary assessment

Courses Taught

  • HS 408 Mediterranean Diet: Food, Culture and Health
  • HS 384/584 Medical Nutrition Therapy I
  • HS 385/585 Medical Nutrition Therapy II
  • HS 467 Research Methods in Nutrition
  • HS 712 Eating Disorders Prevention and Treatment
  • HS 776 Nutritional Epidemiology
  • HS 785 Research in Clinical Nutrition
  • HS 791 Directed Study in Nutrition Research
  • EP 758 Nutritional Epidemiology (SPH)

Selected Publications

  • Fiorini S, Lopes Neri LDC, Guglielmetti M, Pedrolini E, Tagliabue A, Quatromoni PA, Ferraris C. (2023). Nutritional counseling in athletes: A systematic review. Frontiers in Nutrition.
  • Salvia M and Quatromoni PA. (2023). Behavioral approaches to nutrition and eating patterns for managing type 2 diabetes: a review. American Journal of Medicine Open.
  • Salvia MG, Ritholz, MD, Craigen KLE, and Quatromoni PA. (2023). Women’s perceptions of weight stigma and experiences of weight-neutral treatment for binge eating disorder: A qualitative study. The Lancet, eClinical Medicine, 56: 101811.
  • Salvia M, Ritholz M, Craigen KLE, Quatromoni PA. (2022). Managing type 2 diabetes and binge eating disorder: A qualitative study of patients’ perceptions and lived experiences. Journal of Eating Disorders, 19(1):148-159.
  • Ritholz MD, Salvia MG, Craigen KLE, and Quatromoni PA. (2022). What Helps and What Hinders Primary Care Treatment for Diabetes and Binge Eating Disorder? A Qualitative Study. Diabetic Medicine, 39(8):e14887 (
  • Freedman J, Hage S, Quatromoni PA. (2021). Eating disorders in male athletes: Factors associated with onset and maintenance. J Clin Sport Psychol, online ahead of print. doi:10.1123/jcsp.2020-0039.
  • Stranberg M, Slager E, Coia C, Spital D, Quatromoni PA. (2020). Athlete-specific treatment for eating disorders in sport yields measurable outcomes: Initial findings from the Walden GOALS program inform practice and research. J Academy Nutr Diet, 120(2):183-192.
  • Walker M.E, Xanthakis V, Peterson LR, Duncan MS, Lee J, Ma J, Bigornia S, Moore LL, Quatromoni PA, Ramachandran SV, Jacques PF. (2020). Dietary Patterns, Ceramide Ratios, and Risk of All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality: The Framingham Offspring Study. J Nutr, 150(11), 2994-3004. PMID: 32939554. doi:10.1093/jn/nxaa269.
  • Quatromoni PA. (2017). A Tale of Two Runners: Athletes’ experiences with eating disorders in collegeJ Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, 117:21-31.
  • Arthur-Cameselle J, Sossin K, and Quatromoni PA. (2017). A qualitative analysis of factors related to eating disorder onset in female athletes and non-athletes. Eating Disorders: Journal of Treatment and Prevention, 25(3):199-215.
  • Bingham ME, Borkan ME, Quatromoni PA. (2015). Sports nutrition for adolescent athletes: A time to focus on food. Am J Lifestyle Medicine. Published online before print August 18, 2015, doi: 10.1177/1559827615598530
  • Proctor DS and Quatromoni PA. (2015). Two voices: Recovery from Disordered Eating as told by an Elite Male Athlete and his Sports Nutritionist. Annals of Sports Medicine Research, 2(2):1016-22.
  • Greece JA, Kratze A, DeJong W, Cozier YC, Quatromoni PA. (2015). Body Mass Index and Sociodemographic Predictors of School Lunch Purchase Behavior during a Year-Long Environmental Intervention in Middle School. Behav Sci (Basel). 10;5(2):324-40.
  • Arthur-Cameselle J and Quatromoni PA. (2014). A qualitative analysis of female collegiate athletes’ eating disorder recovery experiences. Sport Psychologist, 28:334-46.
  • Bingham ME and Quatromoni PA. (2014). A Non-diet Approach with Athletes. In Wellness, Not Weight: Motivational Interviewing and Health at Every Size, Glovsky E, ed. San Diego, CA: Cognella Academic Publishing.
  • Hearon BA, Quatromoni PA, Mascoop JL, Otto MW. (2014). The role of anxiety sensitivity in daily physical activity and eating behavior. Eat Behav. 15(2):255-8
  • Makarem N, Scott M, Quatromoni PA, Jacques P, Parekh N. (2014). Trends in dietary carbohydrate consumption from 1991-2008 in the Framingham Heart Study Offspring cohort. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 24:1-14.
  • Arthur-Cameselle J and Quatromoni PA. (2014). Eating disorders in collegiate female athletes: Factors that assist recovery. Eating Disorders: the Journal of Treatment and Prevention, 22(1):50-61.
  • Vadiveloo M, Scott M, Quatromoni P, Jacques P, Parekh N. (2014). Trends in dietary fat intake and high-fat foods from 1991-2008 in the Framingham Heart Study participants. British Journal of Nutrition, 111(4):724-34.
  • Shen J, Johnson V, Sullivan L, Jacques PF, Magnini J, Lubitz S, Pandey S, Levy D, Vasan R, Quatromoni PA, Junyent M, Ordovas J, Benjamin E. (2011). Diet and incident atrial fibrillation: The Framingham Heart Study. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 93(2):261-6.
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  • Liu E, McKeown NM, Newby PK, Meigs JB, Vasan RS, D’Agostino RB, Quatromoni PA, Jacques PF. (2009). Dietary patterns and the insulin resistance phenotype among non-diabetic adults in the Framingham Offspring Study. British Journal of Nutrition, Feb 16, 1-8.
  • Vadiveloo M, Zhu L, Quatromoni PA.(2009). Diet and physical activity patterns of school-age children. Journal of the American Dietetic Association,109:145-51.
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  • Millen BE and Quatromoni PA. (2001). Nutritional research within the Framingham Heart Study. Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging, 5:139-43.

Research Funding

  • National Institutes of Health, NIDDK, Association between diet and bowel preparation, Co-Investigator,
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture, KickinNutrition.TV Research Initiative – An innovative digital learning interactive educational program on nutrition, cooking and active lifestyles to prevent childhood obesity, Principal Investigator.
  • Charles H. Hood Foundation Child Health Research Grants and the Dudley Allen Sargent Research Fund at Boston Universit, Evaluating IMOVE: An Environmental Intervention to Promote Healthy Eating in Middle-School Children from Massachusetts Communities at High Risk for Childhood Obesity, Principal Investigator.
  • Dudley Allen Sargent Research Fund at Boston University with additional funds from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) at Boston University, CYCLE Kids: A Pilot Study to Deliver and Evaluate an Exercise Intervention for School-Age Children in Urban Schools, Principal Investigator.
  • Unilever Research & Development, Energy Density, Adoption of Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors, and Metabolic Disease in a Population-based Cohort Principal Investigator.
  • Unilever Research & Development, Gene-Diet Interactions and Triglyceride Metabolism, Principal Investigator.
  • Dudley Allen Sargent Research Fund at Boston University, KidSTEPS: A Study of Eating Patterns and Physical Activities, Principal Investigator.
  • The Framingham Study, Investigator.

Consulting and Professional Activities

  • Chair, Sports and Human Performance Nutrition (SHPN) dietetic practice group of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (2023-24)
  • Senior Consultant, Walden Behavioral Care, Waltham, MA
  • Member, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Massachusetts Dietetic Association, Boston Obesity Nutrition Research Center: The Obesity Society, American Public Health Association, Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutritionists (SCAN) Practice Group, Research Dietitians Practice Group, School Nutrition Practice Group.
  • Media Spokesperson on Childhood Obesity, American Heart Association
  • Advocacy Captain, American Heart Association
  • School Wellness Consultant to area public school districts
  • Reviewer, Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and other professional and scientific journals

Awards and Honors

  • Honorary Member, BU’s Scarlet Key Honor Society (2021)
  • Faculty Award of Merit, Sargent College (2018)
  • Nutrition and Dietetic Educators and Preceptors  Area 7 DPD Outstanding Dietetics Educator Award (2016)
  • Excellence in Teaching Award, Boston University School of Public Health (2014)
  • Whitney Powers Award for Excellence in Teaching, Sargent College (2007)

Licenses and Certification

RD Registered Dietitian, LDN Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist




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