• Additional Titles:Assistant Professor, BU School of Medicine
    Director, Movement & Applied Imaging Lab
  • Education:B.Sc. (Hon), Delhi University, India
    Master of Physiotherapy, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, India
    PhD, University of Delaware, Newark, DE
    Postdoc, University of California, San Francisco, CA
  • Website or Lab: Movement & Applied Imaging Lab
  • Phone:617-358-3037

Courses Taught

This course will explore the different equipment commonly used for human movement analysis. The course can be taken as a seminar (2 credits, 1 class meeting per week) or with the lab (4 credits). Students will gain an understanding of how the equipment works, the steps to using it, and what research questions can be answered with the different technology. Equipment covered in this course will include 3 dimensional motion capture systems, force plates, gait carpet, electromyography (EMG), musculoskeletal modeling and well as others. Students taking the lab portion will also complete a project using the equipment covered in the course. (Credits: Var)

This seminar allows for a discussion of topics of interest to doctoral-level students in the PhD program in Rehabilitation Sciences, and is designed to provide insight in 1) curricular aspects of the PhD program, 2) mentor-mentee relationship, 3) skills necessary for PhD graduates entering the field of rehabilitation sciences with a research doctorate, and 4) interdisciplinary nature of the field of rehabilitation. This course enhances the student's ability to successfully complete the PhD program by working on skills needed to write and critically review IRB proposals, research manuscripts and research grant proposals, to outline ethical dilemmas in research, to formulate and disseminate a line of inquiry, and to distinguish various career paths. Literature addressing these issues will be used throughout to illustrate the arguments. (Credits: Var)

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