BU Today: A wearable robot could help stroke survivors walk farther and faster

(2/20/18, BU Today) “ Lou Awad and Terry Ellis, both Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences assistant professors of physical therapy, are part of the team behind the medical exosuit, a wearable robot that can help people who have had a stroke walk faster, farther, and more safely. Instead of Iron Man’s titanium, it has breathable wraps made from proprietary materials, thin cables, and a series of small motors that help it mimic human muscles and tendons

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 Boston, Massachusetts Portrait of Sargent College Assistant Professors Terry Ellis, left, and Louis Awad. Awad and Ellis are collaborating with Harvard’s Wyss Institute to develop a soft exosuit that will ensure that the critical elements of gait are targeted in people who have sustained a stroke Photo by Dana Smith for Boston University Photography