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ChRIS Code Lab Registration

Want to attend the ChRIS Code Lab? Use the form below to register!

Have any questions? You can reach out to us via the site contact form.

  • You will not be registered for email newsletters or contacted for any other purpose than for information about the ChRIS Code Lab.
  • What image processing software will you be creating a ChRIS plug-in for? If you have a link information or a git page about the software, that would be especially helpful.
  • As part of the Collaboratory's efforts to promote the ChRIS project, we will be taking photos and videos of the ChRIS Code Lab event. We will be using this media in web and print publications. Do you consent to being present in photos and videos created at this event?
  • We would like to talk about and promote the plug-in that you create during this event. Do you consent to us promoting your work?