Steps Toward Open Source Education – Red Hat Research Days Event

During a recent Red Hat Research Days event, Jonathan Appavoo, an Associate Professor of Computer Science and a former Junior Faculty Fellow at the Hariri Institute, presented “Steps Towards Open Source Education” alongside Orran Krieger, Co-Director of the Red Hat Collaboratory. 

Appavoo discussed his work developing educational experiences that teach computer science in a real cloud environment using JupyterBook. He started the project when he realized how difficult it is to get affordable resources for students in higher education. Then, Appavoo demonstrated Jupyter, which has an interactive web-browser friendly environment. The collaborative nature of Jupyter can be easily integrated into a classroom setting and can help students in higher education afford computer science resources. This platform will be used in Appavoo’s future courses and will help move computer science education towards an open, modern and innovative method of instruction.

Click here to watch the event recording on YouTube.