BU is committed to getting our researchers’ ideas, technology, and work into the hands of the people they can benefit. The University’s Industry Engagement and Technology Development offices are here to help, whether that means facilitating industry meetings, creating intellectual property (e.g., patent, copyright) to protect your idea, completing license agreements, or providing guidance for a plan that meets your objective.

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Choose Your Path to Impact

The Technology Development and Industry Engagement teams can help you bring your ideas to the people, industries, and markets you wish to benefit. Read about the paths below to learn more about your options, and begin thinking about which path best fits your objective and life constraints.

Publication for Broader Adoption

Industry Collaboration


Start a Company

None of these pathways seem to fit? We believe new frontiers require new paths. Reach out using the Contacts tab above.

Learning Paths & Programs

BU Technology Development offers a full suite of programs to support you as you develop ideas and bring your research to impact. On this page you’ll find suggested programming based on where you are in your journey, your role, and what you’re trying to achieve.

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Resources, Services, Tools

If you’ve been here before and know exactly what you’re looking for, you may be ready to skip ahead to one of our commonly accessed resources and tools:

 Applying for a Patent

 Building a Network

 Business 101 for Researchers

Confidentiality Agreement

Customer Discovery

Developing a Strategy

Ignition Awards

Intellectual Property Primer

Funding to Bring Ideas to Market

Learning Paths & Programs

Material Transfer Agreement

SBIR Grants

Technology Disclosure

Toolkit for Women Innovators

Technologies Available for License

Boston University is pleased to present a portfolio of technologies available for license.

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