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Funding Opportunities

Global Grant
Educators, medical professionals, and occasionally researchersSeeking self-proposed grants that focus on education and therapeutics in
immunology, oncology, virology, neurology, women’s health.
Proposed by applicant
Alexandria Seed Capital PlatformEarly stage life science companiesAn innovative funding model that brings together leaders from the life science
community to catalyze early-stage investment in cutting-edge companies. Interests include drug
discovery, diagnostics that are highly differentiated.
Seed-stage R&D in therapeutics and digital healthSeeking R&D with a focus on oncology, immunology, cardiology, nephrology,
neurology, and metabolic disorders.
See linkFull list of VCs in link.N/A
Myer Squibb Independent Research
Any individual or team of researchersFocus areas of  hematology, immunology, and oncology are more likely to be funded.
Competitive research grants are also offered but none available as of 1/15/21.
BusinessUSASmall businesses not qualified for SBIR/STTR seeking local – federal
Government loan programs that will offer financial support for a new or expanding
Varies based on funding program.
Hello Tomorrow Global ChallengeStartups in “deep tech” (AI, medical and industrial biotech, drug development,
environment, energy, aeronautics)
A competition for startups at least a year old that have raised less than $250K and are
seeking equity-free funding.
~$120K for first prize, $10K for winner in each industry track
Johnson & Johnson Innovation
Seed-level R&D companiesFocus on early-state, pre-POC innovation in medical devices, infectious disease,
immunology, neurology, and oncology.
Ventures Seed Fund
Early stage tech startups (biotech, pharmacy, consumer tech, industrial tech, full
list on link)
Seeking a team of skilled individuals and unique and/or original ideas over
refinement of existing experiments and products.
M2D2 $200K ChallengeAny company (existing legal entity) centered in MA with demonstrable
International competition for early-state medical device and biotech technologies.Up to $200K split between up to 20 finalists
Massachusetts Life Science
Center Seed Fund
Pre-seed and early stage life science companiesTargets life sciences companies broadly, which includes therapeutics, medical
devices, diagnostics, and bioinformatics/digital health technologies with at least one full-time
Massachusetts employee.
$250K in convertible note and up to $1m in capital investment available
Compound Challenge
Individual or teams of scientists from around the world (not open to healthcare
Competition identifying the best submitted synthetic route for a given small molecule as
determined by number of synthesis steps, obtained yield, achieved purity, and feasibility of
subsequent steps not performed.
Machine Learning Challenge
Anyone, individual or teamsCreate a software tool to predict future citation counts of peer-reviewed
scientific publications (Only the first 50 submissions are judged).
Research Grants 
Scientists affiliated with research-based institutions, universities or
A series of research grants focusing on drug discovery, machine learning, AI, and
novel infectious diseases (you may apply for more than one focus topic).
$122K – $608K per year for up to three years
NSF’s America Seed FundTransformative, high-risk, scalable small research-based businessesSeeking companies with <500 employees operating in the US that are looking for
equity-free funding under SBIR.
Up to $256K for Phase I funding
Pfizer VenturesEarly stage companies with focus on transformative therapeuticsFunding opportunity with emphasis on inflammation, immunology, rare diseases,
oncology, neurology, and internal medicine. Pfizer may receive board seats, collaborate with
other Pfizer groups, Pfizer may guide/advise research focus, product rights negotiable.
Up to $10m in first investment
SBIR/STTR Seed FundSole proprietors and small businesses (defined by SBA regulations)Seeking small businesses looking to collaborate with the government agencies listed in
the link. Can apply prior to establishing business fully.
Varies based on department of interest, average $50-$250K
Y CombinatorStartup owners looking to participate in a biannual incubator-style program (Demo
Provides seed funding for about 140 tech startups (including life sciences) per biannual
batch, with 7% equity in return for investment.
~$125K ($100K for non-profits)
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Lab Space, Incubators & Accelerators

Lab SpaceAgility LabsEmerging life science and medical device companies, product developmentFull wet lab with maintenance, conference rooms, office space, machine shop + 3D printerBoston, MA
Lab SpaceAlexandria LaunchLabsSeed to early stage life science companiesShared wet lab space, operational support, connections to other Alexandria companies; Fees vary, starting at $2KCambridge, MA
Lab SpaceCambridge Scientific Arsenal Lab SpaceAny science start-upWet lab (PCR, microscopy, HPLC, LCMS lab)Watertown, MA
Lab SpaceLabCentralBioresearch startups and individualsLarge shared wet lab space, office, meeting rooms; $3610-$4340 monthly for an individual lab benchCambridge, MA
Lab SpaceLabSharesLife science and biotech startupsWet lab (tissue culture, lentiviral work, rDNA, bacterial research), shared office spaceNewton, MA
Lab SpaceNest.Bio LabsLife science and biotech startups24/7 wet lab, bio focusedCambridge, MA
Lab SpaceSmartLabsScientific discovery and therapeutics, teams of any sizesExtensive wet and dry labs (focus towards biotech and pharmacology) and private office space with fees varying by team sizeBoston, MA

Cambridge, MA

Lab SpaceTufts LaunchPad BiolabsBiotech and life science startupsFully equipped wet lab (linked), seminars, connections, MassBio membership; $3600/month per bench, $400/month per person, $600/month per workstationBoston, MA

Cambridge, MA

AcceleratorMassChallengeOcean, enterprise, and security tech. Partnered with US Air Force for aeronauticsZero-equity model, global network, mentorship, potential scholarshipsBoston, MA
AcceleratorTechstarsAny sort of startup, take co-ownership status of company (seems less focused on research)3 month program with a $20k+ stipend, mentorship, office space, Demo Day event for investors – Must work at techstar faciliity, techstar takes co-ownership of your startupBoston, MA
IncubatorCambridge Innovation CenterMost tech startups, some life sciencesShared workspace with office resources; $1400 per person per month (negotiable)Cambridge, MA
IncubatorCogo LabsMainly tech start-ups (web and consumer tech)Contact for further detailsCambridge, MA
IncubatorQubic LabsFinancial , government, and civic tech early stage businessesOffice space, global network fo capital providers connections, mentorshipQuincy, MA
Hybrid (Incubator/Accelerator + Lab Space)UMASS Boston Venture Development CenterSeed stage life science/innovative tech companyExtensive wet and dry labs, private offices, work spaces, mentorship, interns, connections; 13% acceptance rate, pay monthly fee ($750-$10k) to use spaces and servicesBoston, MA
Hybrid (Incubator/Accelerator + Lab Space)MedChem PartnersEarly to mid stage drug discovery and chem companiesChemistry lab w 24/7 access, start-up support and management, program initiation and due diligence assistance; Comfortable with high risk projects and moving targetsLexington, MA
Hybrid (Incubator/Accelerator + Lab Space)Greentown LabsClimate and clean tech startupsWet lab, prototyping space, electronics lab, machine shop, desk spaceSomerville, MA
Hybrid (Incubator/Accelerator + Lab Space)Creagen C2I Life Science AcceleratorMust be in life sciencesShared/private lab and office space, tissue culture labs, chem labs, conference rooms, mentorship, network access, business dev workshopsWoburn, MA

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