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BU Technology Development offers a full suite of programs to support you as you develop ideas and bring your research to impact. On this page you’ll find suggested programming based on where you are in your journey, your role, and what you’re trying to achieve.

These learning paths are provided as suggestions only. Feel free to pick and choose programs and support based on your objective, or reach out to our office to speak with us about your options.


Define Your Objective(s)

Determine what matters most to you, given your personal and professional ambitions.

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Self-paced Tutorials
Connect with a Human

Identify a Need & Position Your Solution

Understand the competitive landscape, learn how the relevant markets operate, and define a preliminary target product profile.

Self-paced Tutorials
Short Training/Program
Multi-day Training/Program
Connect with a Human
Connect with Innovation Ecosystem

Create a Plan to Achieve Your Objectives

A thoughtful plan, built around your objectives, will describe the steps necessary to successfully commercialize. 

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Self-paced Tutorials
Connect with a Human

Understand Your Intellectual Property

Take steps to understand and protect your intellectual property.

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Self-paced Tutorials
Connect with a Human

Communicate Your Idea

Learn to talk about your idea with non-academic audiences using an elevator pitch or a one-pager.

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Short Training
Connect with a Human

All Resources & Programs

Building Your Network

Relationships lead to trust. Trust leads to sharing. Sharing leads to progress.

Business 101 for Researchers

Business fundamentals for innovators at Boston University.

Catalyst Program

Is there a market need for your idea? We’ll connect you with business students who will conduct research with potential customers to find out.

Customer Discovery: Assessing the Need for Your Idea

We offer programs, education, and support to help faculty assess their market and customers to increase the likelihood that a product idea will result in a commercial success.

Develop a Strategy

A thoughtful strategy, built around your personal objectives, will help determine the correct path but also describe the steps necessary to successfully commercialize. 

Guide Program

Guides provide one-on-one guidance to PIs who have an interest in solving a problem, creating an impact, or advancing an idea.

Intellectual Property Primer

A detailed discussion of each intellectual property category and the protection afforded each type.


One common path to market involves licensing an idea or technology to a third party that is uniquely positioned to produce, market, and sell the innovation as a product.

OTD Analyst Program: Technology Business & Marketing

Doctoral students, gain hands-on experience with technology commercialization, market analysis, basic business skills, and patents.

Pitch Tutorial

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.” – Lee Iacocca

Value Creation Precelerator

There’s no such thing as a great idea. There are only ideas that become great solutions because people adopt them.

Publication for Broader Adoption

We offer support to faculty focused on basic research to amplify the impact of their work.

Regulatory Obligations for a New Medical Product

One-on-one tutoring to learn how to address regulatory challenges for your idea or invention

Spark Program

Are you a researcher, scientist, or engineer who wants your innovation to change the world?

Start a Company

We offer information and support for starting up a company to market your technology or idea.

Toolkit for Women Innovators

Tools and information for female innovators in academia.

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