Specialization Coordinator: Jonathan Klawans

Students specializing in Judaism in the context of the ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern worlds will work under the guidance of Professors David Frankfurter and Jonathan Klawans with additional faculty resources in the Departments of Classics, History, Philosophy, the History of Art and Architecture as well as Boston University’s School of Theology.

Students specializing in later periods may also work under the guidance of Professors Steven Katz, Deeana Klepper, Diana Lobel, and Michael Zank, with additional faculty resources in the Boston University School of Theology as well as in the Departments of Philosophy, Anthropology, World Languages and Literature, and Sociology.

Students accepted into the graduate program in Jewish Studies will be considered for Jewish Studies fellowships and are eligible to affiliate with the Elie Wiesel Center for Jewish Studies and compete for any summer research and travel support offered by the Center.

Religion Department Faculty:

  • David Frankfurter (Apocalyptic literature; religions of the ancient Mediterranean world)
  • Steven Katz (Early Jewish and comparative mysticism; modern Jewish thought and history; Holocaust studies)
  • Jonathan Klawans (Bible and Qumran; pseudepigraphic literature; rabbinic literature)
  • Deeana Klepper (Medieval history)
  • Diana Lobel (Medieval and comparative religious thought)
  • Michael Zank (Modern Jewish thought and philosophy; history of biblical reception)

Affiliated Faculty: Abigail Gillman (Department of World Languages & Literatures), Kimberly Arkin (Department of Anthropology), and Pnina Lahav (Law School)