Specialization Coordinator: David Frankfurter

Students specializing in Ancient Mediterranean Religions at Boston University study Christianity, Judaism and other ancient religions from the Hellenistic period to the time of Muhammed, as well as their interactions in the broad cultural settings of late antiquity. Students work under the guidance of David Frankfurter, Jonathan Klawans, and Andrea Berlin—as well as other faculty colleagues working in Archaeology, Biblical Studies, Classical Studies, and History of Art and Architecture. We train students to pursue incisive and innovative research in the field and to teach a variety of courses in religion and the liberal arts. We stress textual skills, engagement with theoretical models, and attention to material culture.

Advanced knowledge of at least one of the relevant ancient languages, usually Greek, is required for admission. Ideally, students will have some facility with at least one additional ancient language upon admission (Hebrew, Coptic, Aramaic, Latin, Syriac, Arabic) and gain greater proficiency in that language during the course of their studies.

Religion Department Faculty:

Affiliated Faculty: Zsuzsanna Varhelyi (Department of Classical Studies)