Joint Appointments

  • Deborah Brief, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry (MED)
  • Kathleen Corriveau, Associate Professor of Human Development (SED)
  • Daniel Fulford, Assistant Professor Occupational Therapy (SAR)
  • Simone Gill, Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy (SAR)
  • Jennifer Gottlieb, Research Assistant Professor of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Initiatives (SAR)
  • Carolyn Hodges-Simeon, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
  • Terence Keane, Professor of Psychiatry (MED)
  • Laura Lewis Ph.D., Assistant Professor College of Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering (ENG)
  • Brett Litz, Professor of Psychiatry (MED)
  • Susan McGurk, Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy (SAR)
  • Mark Miller, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry (MED)
  • Kim Mueser, Professor of Occupational Therapy (SAR)
  • Steven Sandage, Danielsen Professor of Psychology of Religion and Theology (STH)
  • Karin Schon, Assistant Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology (MED)

Adjunct Faculty Appointments

  • Jonathan Comer, Adjunct Professor
  • Joseph DeGutis, Adjunct Research Assistant Professor
  • Lindsay Holly, Ph.D, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Fabio Idrobo, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • David Langer, Adjunct Research Associate Professor
  • Ruth McKenzie, Adjunct Research Assistant Professor
  • Yakeel Quiroz, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Robert Ross, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Shannon Sauer-Zavala, Adjunct Research Associate Professor
  • Jason Sherfey, Adjunct Research Assistant Professor
  • Arthur Wingfield, Adjunct Research Professor