Kristin Long

Associate Professor

Kristen Long
  • Title Associate Professor
  • Education PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Director: Child & Family Health Laboratory

Biographical Sketch

Kristin Long received her PhD in Clinical and Biological-Health Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh in 2012. She completed her clinical internship and postdoctoral fellowship in pediatric psychology at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital. She joined the BU faculty in 2014.

Research Interests

Dr. Long’s research focuses on (1) reciprocal influences between a child’s medical illness or disability and his/her family and cultural context, (2) health disparities in autism diagnosis and treatment, and (3) the development and evaluation of psychosocial interventions for children with chronic conditions and their families. The majority of her work has been carried out with families facing childhood cancer, intellectual disability, autism, and asthma.

Selected Publications

  • Long, K.A., Kao, B., Plante, W., Seifer, R., & Lobato, D. (In Press). Elevated distress in Latina mothers of children with intellectual disabilities: Familism, acculturation, and child maladaptive behaviors. American Journal on Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities.
  • Long, K.A., Alderfer, M.A., & Marsland, A.L. (2013). Cumulative family risk as a predictor of sibling adjustment to childhood cancer. Cancer, 119, 2503-10. PMID: 23576115.
  • Long, K.A., Lobato, D., Kao, B., Plante, W., Grullon, E., & Cheas, L. Houck, C., & Seifer, R. (2013). Perceptions of emotional expression and sibling-parent emotion communication among Latino and nonLatino white siblings of children with intellectual disabilities. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 38, 551-62. PMID: 23459309.
  • Long, K.A., Alderfer, M.A., Ewing, L.J., & Marsland, A.L. (2013). The role of contextual threat in predicting self-reported distress among siblings of children with cancer. Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, 20, 199-208. PMID: 23053828.
  • Long, K.A., Ewing, L.J., Cohen, S., Skoner, D., Gentile, D., Koehrsen, J., Howe, C., Thompson, A.L., Rosen, R.K., Ganley, M., & Marsland, A.L. (2011). Preliminary evidence for the feasibility of a stress management intervention for 7-12 year olds with asthma, Journal of Asthma, 48, 162-70.
  • Long, K.A. & Marsland, A.L. (2011). Family adjustment to childhood cancer: A systematic review. Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review, 14, 57-88.
  • Alderfer, M.A., Long, K.A., Lown, A. Marsland, A.J., Ostrowski, N.L., Hock, J.M., & Ewing, L.J. (2010). Psychosocial adjustment of siblings of children with cancer: A systematic review. Psycho-Oncology. 19, 789-805.

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