What to Expect from the Student Information System Renewal Program

From Dr. Jean Morrison, University Provost and Chief Academic Officer

As you may be aware, the Student Information System (SIS) Renewal Program is an ongoing University-wide effort to modernize the IT systems that support students from application to graduation. This program will update processes touching many aspects of student life: applying to BU or to study abroad, applying for financial aid, registering for classes, meeting with advisors, paying bills, and managing student employment. The program will implement modern systems that will better support the University’s strategic priorities.

Students, faculty, and staff may have already noticed a recent change resulting from the SIS Renewal Program: they can now update the University Directory with their chosen display name and pronouns. This is an important first step in a longer journey to enable consistent use of chosen display name and pronouns throughout our systems.

The SIS Renewal Program will continue to roll out other changes to BU students, faculty, and staff over the next two years:

  • Spring 2023: Students will use a new, more user-friendly portal to access Student Link and other useful resources. Information regarding student personal pronouns, gender identity, and display names will be shared with Housing to support gender affirming housing processes.
  • Fall 2023: Staff will process new student applications and financial aid in the new SIS.
  • Spring 2024: Students will register for fall 2024 classes in the new SIS and see increased functionality in the new Student Link.
  • Summer 2024: Students will begin to pay bills and manage their enrollment through the new SIS. Faculty will use the new SIS to grade and advise.

The scope of the SIS Renewal Program is large enough that most members of the BU community will be impacted in some way. While any change of this magnitude will cause some disruption, the program team is focused on making the transition as smooth as possible, providing helpful communication, training, and support along the way. You can find key information about the program and program team, submit questions, and follow the program’s progress on the SIS Renewal Program website.

What to Expect from the Student Information System Renewal Program – 10.25.22