Student Information System Renewal Update

From Dr. Jean Morrison, University Provost and Chief Academic Officer

I am pleased to share an important update on BU’s Student Information System (SIS) Renewal Program.

The SIS Renewal Program is a major University-wide effort to modernize the IT systems that support and store student data from application to graduation. At BU, the most visible components of the Student Information System are the Student Link and the Faculty Link. While the current system has served the University well, it is both functionally and aesthetically outdated and in need of an upgrade. In order to meet the University’s current needs and future strategic priorities, we are beginning the implementation of the SIS Renewal Program now.

Many of you participated in the demonstrations we held in December 2019 of the Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solutions system. Of course, since then we have principally been focused on navigating the challenges of COVID-19 as a residential university. We have been able to keep our SIS Renewal Program moving forward, albeit at a slower than anticipated pace, and are now ready to begin implementation work. It is critical that we begin implementation now, even as we continue to navigate COVID-19, as the renewal program will take a number of years to complete.

Looking Ahead

Over the next three years, the BU SIS Renewal Program team will configure and launch new processes and systems for Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Records, Curriculum Management, Student Advising, Student Financials, and Student Employment. Related changes to the process and tools for creating student BUIDs and system access, as well as academic reporting and data analytics, will also be included.

Implementation will occur in phases, with the first new service capabilities launching in summer 2022 and the last in fall 2023. The scope of the implementation is large enough that most members of the BU community will be impacted by at least one of the phases. By fall 2022, students will register for classes in a new system. Advisors will use new tools to review student progress, and faculty will submit grades in a different way. Central offices that provide student services will be using a set of new tools to manage student records.

While any change of this magnitude will cause some disruption, the program team is focused on making the transition as smooth as possible, providing helpful communication, training, and support along the way. Your engagement throughout the implementation and readiness to adopt new processes and tools will be critical to our collective success.

I would like to thank the SIS Renewal Program Steering Committee for its leadership in bringing us to this milestone. Please feel free to contact a steering committee member or the program team via the SIS Renewal website. The program website contains additional information about the work that has brought us to this point and the scope and timeline of the implementation plan.

Student Information System Renewal Update – 2.4.21

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