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Is Influencer Marketing Really Worth It?

By: Kathy Chen, Account Supervisor at PRLab “Are you good with social media?” That is the first question I’m asked on job interviews these days. Companies make it seem like a prerequisite when hiring a PR person. Indeed, many companies are using social media and online influencers to promote brands or products. For those who […]

PR of everything serious: Healthcare, Financial Services, and Corporate

By: Riti Shah, Account Supervisor at PRLab October 23, 2018  The world of public relations goes beyond what often meets the eye. Time and again a layman would associate PR with the publicity of consumer-facing brands and products. Consumer practice is a big part of the PR industry but there is a lot more to […]

Five Ways Brands can Successfully Use Social Media Livestream

By: Nane Vardanyan, Account Supervisor at PRLab  October 10, 2018 You probably remember the first time on Facebook or Instagram when you saw a live video in the news feed. “How is this possible?” was my first reaction. Now, as a part of main social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Periscope, social media […]

How Marketing and PR Can Get Along

By Casey Douglas, Account Supervisor at PRLab. To the untrained eye, the disciplines of marketing and public relations can seem like nearly identical fields, occupying two sides of the same coin. However, their respective aims are slightly different: marketing aims to drive sales and improve a client’s or company’s profits through outreach efforts, while public […]

Life Lessons from Advertising Tycoon, Jordan Zimmerman

By Patricia Arribas Pablos, Director at PRLab Lauren Oubre, PRLab President of Client Services (left), Jordan Zimmerman, founder of Zimmerman Advertising (center) and Sebastian Kogler, PRLab President of Operations (left) Last Thursday, September 28, Jordan Zimmerman, founder of Zimmerman Advertising, and his family, inaugurated the Zimmerman Family Social Activation Center at Boston University’s College of Communication. […]