Five Ways Brands can Successfully Use Social Media Livestream

By: Nane Vardanyan, Account Supervisor at PRLab 

October 10, 2018

You probably remember the first time on Facebook or Instagram when you saw a live video in the news feed.

“How is this possible?” was my first reaction. Now, as a part of main social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Periscope, social media live streaming is no more a novelty, but a necessity.

Live streaming is a way to establish your brand on social media. No matter if it is a politician, a physician, a brand, a comedy show or a blogger, live videos enable viewers to comment and share their opinions. It not only engages the audience but also serves as an owned free resource for driving revenue. This is the free, easy and constantly available tool your company needs to be aware of.

One of the main reasons brands should care about live streaming is its huge popularity and growing number of users. According to Social Media Today, nowadays people spend more time watching Facebook Live videos than videos that aren’t live. Facebook itself reports that users watch live videos 3 times longer than non-live video.


Now, let’s see the 5 ways your brand can use social media live streaming to have appealing content.

    1. Host a Q&A

    According to Cision, this approach has shown to boost engagement by up to 82 percent. By having a fabulous host and interactive content you can touch your audience’s psychological elements such as curiosity and belonging.  Don’t forget about preparation! Be ready to answer all kinds of questions and not make mistakes you will later regret for. Live videos are a great way of bringing your customers close to your brand. By hosting an engaging Q&A you will build interaction and lively conversation between you and your audience.

    1. Stream an interview

    Company’s stakeholders are real visit cards to your company. Use them to establish credibility and create a loyal community around your brand. Organizing a live streaming interview with your CEO, an investor, employee, expert or even a customer will make your brand more human and appealing. Tell them what they need to know as customers do appreciate when companies care about them.

    1. Announce a new product

    Your brand has a new product? What are you waiting for? Go live right now and show it to your audience, explain and display your product, show its benefits and teach them how to use it. By emphasizing your key messages and answering your audience’s questions you will guide them to places where they can buy your product.

    1. Give a live tour

    Imagine you are sitting at home and your favorite brand gives a live tour in their office.  Showing the working process of employees, the production and the feeling of being part of the team will bring the audience one step closer to you. Or, if your brand has a new location, go live and show them the design of the store, your staff and live stream its opening. Let them be present at the moment even if they are physically not.

    1. Show your brand’s personality

    What does your company care about? Supporting a movement, celebrating an event, encouraging or motivating your audience can be a good reason to turn on your live streaming and socialize. Every brand has a personality, a story that needs to be told with a purpose. Be honest. Let people connect with you by seeing that you both share the same values and care of the same things.

    In conclusion, videos have it all_ eye-catching movement, audio, and imagery. Take advantage of it!  Make sure the entire conversation stays true to your brand and make the best out of your social media live streaming.