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Is Influencer Marketing Really Worth It?

By: Kathy Chen, Account Supervisor at PRLab “Are you good with social media?” That is the first question I’m asked on job interviews these days. Companies make it seem like a prerequisite when hiring a PR person. Indeed, many companies are using social media and online influencers to promote brands or products. For those who […]

5 Companies That Opted Out for Black Friday

Penny Hao, Director at PRLab   Black Friday is a term that originally describes the day when inflated gold prices caused the 1869 financial crisis. Today, it’s the most successful annual marketing and PR campaign associated with hefty discounts, overnight stakeouts, and impulse buys. (Source: GIPHY.com, Black Friday, https://media.giphy.com/media/11iAbnnYIgFMmQ/giphy.gif) But, you don’t get remembered by […]

How Marketing and PR Can Get Along

By Casey Douglas, Account Supervisor at PRLab. To the untrained eye, the disciplines of marketing and public relations can seem like nearly identical fields, occupying two sides of the same coin. However, their respective aims are slightly different: marketing aims to drive sales and improve a client’s or company’s profits through outreach efforts, while public […]

PR and the Future of Esports

By James Smalec, Account Supervisor at PRLab (Source: North America League of Legends Championship Series, 2017)   What does the Houston Rockets, Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks, and Golden State warriors all have in common?   The answer, Esports. Specifically League of Legends (League), the largest Esport in the world. Right now the World […]

Tips for PR practitioners to better understand Search Engine Optimization

By Yichi (Flora) Zhang, Account Supervisor at PRLab   When it comes to SEO, many people would believe it’s a strictly marketing-based technique regarding to online or social media marketing. In fact, it’s also important to PR practitioners since the higher your company ranks, the larger traffic will be driven to the website. Moreover, people […]