Professor of Philosophy Emeritus

Interests: Kant, Hume, Reid, The French and German Enlightenments, Philosophy of Religion

Manfred Kuehn is best known for his work on Kant, Hume, and the philosophical relation between the two. He has a broad knowledge of German Idealism and its precedents in Germany, France and Britain. He also pursues studies in ethics and the philosophy of religion. Among other honors, he has received Fellowships from the Canada Council, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of Edinburgh. He has taught in Canada, Germany and the U.S.A., and was Gastprofessor at the University of Hamburg. Professor Kuehn joined the Boston University faculty in August of 2004, and teaches full time both semesters each year.

Among the books he has published and edited are:

Scottish Common Sense in Germany (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1988)

Immanuel Kant, An International Anthology of Essays on Kant. 2 vols., edited with Heiner F. Klemme (Ashgate, 2000)

Immanuel Kant, A Biography (Cambridge University Press, 2001, with translations into German, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Russian)

Kant-Biographien (Thoemmes, 2002)

Dr. Kuehn has published many essays in English and German and serves (or has served) on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of the History of Philosophy, Reid Studies, and the Journal of Scottish Philosophy. In addition, he referees frequently for a variety university presses and journals.

Dr. Kuehn offers graduate seminars on Kant, Hume and other major figures in the history of modern philosophy. Among other things, he is working on a book concerned with Kant’s theory of the virtues, and is also preparing a collection of essays on Kant and Hume.