The Pardee Papers Series

The Pardee Papers
The Economic, Political, and Social Context of Maternity Leave in the United States: A Comparative Analysis
By Hannah Sherseth
No. 018, May 2022

PardeePaper16 COVERThe Pardee Papers
Cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Need for New Paradigms in Global Health
By Maia Olsen
No. 017, December 2015

PardeePaper16 COVERThe Pardee Papers
An Uncertain Future: Youth Frustration and the Arab Spring
By M. Chloe Mulderig
No. 016, April 2013

15-PP-coverThe Pardee Papers
The Future of Agriculture in Africa
By Julius Gatune Kariuki
No. 015, August 2011
pp14 coverThe Pardee Papers
Africa’s Technology Futures: Three Scenarios

By Dirk Swart
No. 014, July 2011
pardee paper 13The Pardee Papers
The Global Land Rush: Implications for Food, Fuel, and the Future of Development
By Rachel Nalepa
No. 013, May 2011
12-PP-coverThe Pardee Papers
Energy Transitions
By Peter A. O’Connor
No. 12, November 2010
Pardee Paper #11 Ethiopian Fine Coffees-coverThe Pardee Papers
Coffee, Culture, and Intellectual Property: Lessons for Africa from the Ethiopian Fine Coffee Initiative
By Heran Sereke-Brhan
No. 011, July 2010
Pardee Paper #10 coverThe Pardee Papers
Sub-Saharan Africa at a Crossroads: A Quantitative Analysis of Regional Development
By Zachary C. Tyler and Sucharita Gopal
No. 010, May 2010
Pardee_Paper #9 coverThe Pardee Papers
Narcotics Trafficking in West Africa: A Governance Challenge
By Peter L. McGuire
No. 009, March 2010
Pardee Paper #8 coverThe Pardee Papers
Community Targeting for Poverty Reduction: Lessons from Developing Countries
By Moeed Yusuf
No. 008, February 2010
Pardee-Paper-7-SuarezThe Pardee Papers
Linking Climate Knowledge and Decisions: Humanitarian Challenges
By Pablo Suarez
No. 007, December 2009
pardee-paper-6-august-2009The Pardee Papers
Global Aging: Emerging Challenges
By Alexandra Crampton
No. 006, August 2009
pardee-paper-5-march-2009The Pardee Papers
Managing Hazardous Chemicals: Longer Range Challenges
By Henrik Selin
No. 005, March 2009
The Need for New Measures of ProgressThe Pardee Papers
Beyond GDP: The Need for New Measures of Progress
By Robert Costanza, Maureen Hart, Stephen Posner, John Talberth
No. 004, Jan. 2009
Does Nuclear Energy Have a Future?The Pardee Papers
Does Nuclear Energy Have a Future?
By Moeed Yusuf
No. 003, November, 2008
The Future of Space Exploration, Pardee Paper, A.P.J. Abdul KalamThe Pardee Papers
21st Century Trade Agreements: Implications for Long-Run Development
By Rachel Denae Thrasher and Kevin Gallagher
No. 002, September, 2008
The Future of Space Exploration, Pardee Paper, A.P.J. Abdul KalamThe Pardee Papers
The Future of Space Exploration and Human Development
By A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
No. 001, August, 2008