Issues in Brief Series

Issues in Brief
Engaging Communities Through the Arts: A Proposed Framework and Model in Public Health Initiatives
By Marial Williams
No. 041, June 2021
Issues in Brief
Changing Conservation Behavior by Changing the Behavior of Conservation Programs
By Kira Sullivan-Wiley
No. 040, September 2020
Issues in Brief
New Perspectives on the Dynamics of Coupled Human and Natural Systems (CHANS)
By Emily S. Klein and Les Kaufman
No. 039, August 2020
Issues in Brief
Demography is not Destiny: The Faulty Link Between Population and Development
By Kristen Carey
No. 038, July 2019
Issues in Brief
The Informal Sector and Universal Health Coverage: Crucial Considerations
By Lawrence P. O. Were
No. 037, June 2019
Issues in Brief
Agricultural Diversity Across Scales: Key to Building a Resilient Global Food System
By John Patrick Casellas Connors
No. 036, March 2019
Issues in Brief
Governance Issues in China’s Food Sufficiency vs. Virtual Water Debate
By Junda Jin
No. 035, September 2017
Issues in Brief
Conspicuously Absent: Shipping Emissions in Climate Change Policy
By Rebecca Cowing
No. 034, March 2017
Issues in Brief
Diffusion of Microfinance in Development: The Role of U.S. Philanthropic Foundations
By Emily Bryant
No. 033, February 2017
Issues in Brief
Transboundary Threats in the Mekong Basin: Protecting a Crucial Fishery
By Irit Altman
No. 032, January 2017
Issues in Brief
Improving Women’s Reproductive Health in India by Educating Men and Families
By Maanasa Venkatesh
No. 031, March 2016
Issues in Brief
Smallholder Challenges in the Growing Palm Oil Industry
By Laurie Wissler
No. 030, May 2015
Issues in Brief
Five Challenges to the Future of Transboundary Water Governance
By Leeann Sullivan
No. 029, August 2014
Pardee-IIB-028-Oct-2013Issues in Brief
The Minimata Convention and the Future of Mercury Abatement
By Henrik Selin
No. 028, October 2013

IIB027 cover imageIssues in Brief
Water Resources Development: Engineering the Future of Global Health
By Diana R. Gergel
No. 027, March 2013
Pardee-IIB-026-Dec-2012Issues in Brief
The IMF’s New View on Financial Globalization: A Critical Assessment
By Kevin Gallagher
No. 026, December 2012
Pardee-IIB-025-Nov-2012Issues in Brief
Religion, Social Movements, and Zones of Crisis in Latin America
By Jeffrey Rubin, David Smilde, and Benjamin Junge
No. 025, November 2012
IIB 24 newIssues in Brief
Global Financial Reform and Trade Rules: The Need for Reconciliation
By Kevin Gallagher and Leonardo Stanley
No. 024, September 2012
23-IIB Free Trade India Economy Issues in Brief
Free Trade and Inclusive Development: Lessons from the Indian Experience
By Suranjana Nabar-Bhaduri
No. 023, April 2012
22-IIB-coverIssues in Brief
Capital Account Regulations for Stability and Development: A New Approach
By Kevin P. Gallagher, Stephany Griffith-Jones and José Antonio Ocampo
No. 022, November 2011

21-IIB-coverIssues in Brief
Adulthood Denied: Youth Dissatisfaction and the Arab Spring
By M. Chloe Mulderig
No. 021, October 2011

20-IIB-coverIssues in Brief
Perceptions of Climate Change: The Role of Art and the Media
By Miquel Muñoz and Bernd Sommer
No. 020, February 2011

PardeeIIB 019-coverIssues in Brief
The Future of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting
By Matthew Maguire
No. 019, January 2011
18-IIB coverIssues in Brief
China and the Future of Latin American Industrialization
By Kevin Gallagher
No. 018, October 2010
17- IIB coverIssues in Brief
Complex Natural Disasters and the Role of the University
By Enrique Silva
No. 017, October 2010
16-IIB coverIssues in Brief
Call for a Corporate Social Conscience Index

By Stephanie Watts
No. 016, September 2010
IIB015FcoverIssues in Brief
Mapping the Complexity of Higher Education in the Developing World
By Muhammad Hamid Zaman, Adil Najam and David K. Campbell
No. 015, May 2010
IIB014coverIssues in Brief
Diplomacy is Stalling: How the G20 Can Catch Up with the World
By Ambassador Paul Webster Hare
No. 014, April 2010
Pardee IIB 013 coverIssues in Brief
Envisioning Africa’s Future: A Story of Changing Perceptions
By Julius Gatune Kariuki
No. 013, March 2010
Pardee-IIB-012-thIssues in Brief
Beyond the Resource Curse: Minerals and Global Development
By Saleem H. Ali
No. 012, January 2010
Pardee-IIB-011-thIssues in Brief
The Changing Shape of Malnutrition: Obesity in sub-Saharan Africa
By Arianna Fogelman
No. 011, December 2009
pardee-iib-10-thIssues in Brief
A Call for a Resilience Index for Health and Social Systems in Africa
By Astier Almedom
No. 010, October 2009
pardeeiib-009-thIssues in Brief
Preferential Trade Agreements: Free Trade at What Cost?
By Rachel Denae Thrasher
No. 009, September 2009
iib-008-juneIssues in Brief
Learning From the Past: The Future of Malaria in Africa
By Melissa Graboyes
No. 008, June 2009
Transportation, by Nadaa TaiyabIssues in Brief
Food Crises in Developing Countries: The Role of National Governance
By Abid Qaiyum Suleri
No. 007, May 2009
Transportation, by Nadaa TaiyabIssues in Brief
Seeing Hunger through New Eyes: From Lack to Possibility
By Frances Moore Lappe
No. 006, April 2009
Transportation, by Nadaa TaiyabIssues in Brief
Sustainable Development in Africa: Agriculture, Trade and Climate Change
By Kati Kulovesi
No. 005, March 2009
Transportation, by Nadaa TaiyabIssues in Brief
Transportation in Mega-Cities: A local issue, a global question
By Nadaa Taiyab
No. 004, November 2008
Space ExplorationIssues in Brief
The Future of Space Exploration: The Next 50 Years
By Supriya Chakrabarti
No. 003, October 2008
Fostering South-South Research Collaborations by Athar OsamaIssues in Brief
Fostering South-South Research Collaborations
By Athar Osama
No. 002, September 2008
Future of the WTO by Kevin GallagherIssues in Brief
The Future of the WTO
By Kevin Gallagher
No. 001, April 2008