Issues in Brief, No. 19, January 2011

PardeeIIB 019-coverThe Future of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting
By Matthew Maguire

January 2011 (8 pages)
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The number of companies that do some type of corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting has risen dramatically in the past 15 years, especially among large international corporations. But the form and content of such reports can vary dramatically among the nearly 4,000 companies that file them. In this paper, 2010 Pardee Graduate Summer Fellow Matthew Maguire explores the current state of corporate social responsibility reporting in various countries and where the future of CSR may be headed. Will CSR become mainstream?

Matthew Maguire is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science at Boston University and a 2010 Pardee Graduate Summer Fellow. His current research focuses on the role of government in promoting corporate social responsibility.