‘China Today, China Tomorrow’ Launched with Panel Discussion

The new book China Today, China Tomorrow (2010; Rowman and Littlefield Publishers) – which is based on the papers originally presented at the December 2008 Pardee Center conference on the Future of China – was launched today with an impressive panel discussion featuring five of the chapter authors of the book, including Prof. Joseph Fewsmith, the editor of the book.

Professors Perry, Fewsmith, Heffner, Cunningham and Ye at the book launch panel of 'China Today, China Tomorrow'
Professors Perry, Fewsmith, Weller, Cunningham and Ye at the book launch panel of ‘China Today, China Tomorrow’

The launch was organized by the Boston University Center for the Study of Asia (BUCSA) on September 22, 2010, and included a panel discussion on the future of China, followed by a reception. The panel discussion featured Joseph Fewsmith (on China’s internal politics), Min Ye (on Chinese diaspora), Edward Cunningham (on energy), Robert Weller (on religion) and Elizabeth Perry (on social protest). All five speakers highlighted the key findings of their chapters in the book and focused on the trends that they see in China’s longer-range future.

Details of the original conference are available here. Videos of the presentations at that conference (including by these speakers) can be viewed here.