Current Journals in the African Studies Library

Please note these are current journals received as hard copies.  Older runs of journals may be found in the stacks.  Some journals will be found online only.

Alphabetical List of Current Journals in the ASL

ACASA Newsletter DT1 .A135
Accessions List of the Library of Congress,
Nairobi, Kenya
Z465.5 .U55
Actualité Scientifique Q2 .A3
AFRA Newsletter HD148 .S6 A37
Africa PL8000 .F28
Africa (Washington D.C.) DT1 .F66
Africa at a Glance DT5 .A5
Africa Development HC501 A.23
Africa Insight HC501 .S64
Africa Link HQ766.5 .A33A35M
Africa Media Review P 92 A35 A37
Africa Perspective DT1 .A218
Africa Quarterly DT1 F615
Africa Recovery HC800.A1 A42
Africa Renewal HC800 A1 A42
Africa Report DT1 .F56
Africa Research Bulletin –
Economic, Financial and Technical Series
DT19.8 F64
Africa Research Bulletin –
Political, Social and Cultural Series
DT19.8 F641
Africa Today DT1 F541
Africa Update DT1 A373
African Affairs DT1 F01
African and Asian Studies DT .A2225
African Armed Forces U1 .A55
African Arts / Arts d’Afrique N7380 .F67
African Book Publishing Record Z465.7 A35
African Communist DT 1 F605
African Economic History HC 501 A54M
African Economic History Review HC501 .A54M
African Geographical Review DT 365.A1 F63
African Geopolitics DT 30.5 .A3559
African Index Medicus Z6661.A3 A37
African Issues DT1 .F716
African Journal of Health Sciences R 98 .A37
African Journal of Political Science DT30.5 .A4753
African Journal of Special Needs Education LC3988.A2 A37
African Publishering Review Z465 .A32
African Research and Documentation Z 3501 A4M
African Rural and Urban Studies DT1 .A44
African Studies DT 751 F421
African Studies Bulletin DT 1 .F581
African Studies Quarterly DT19.8
African Studies Review DT 1 .F581
African Study Monographs DT 1 .A2285
African Technology Forum T174.3 .A35
African Voices DT1 .A24387
Africana DT470 .A35M
Africana Bulletin (African Studies Center, BU) DT1 F662
Africana Bulletin (Univ. Warsaw) DT 19.9 P6 F64
Africana Libraries Newsletter Z671 .A37M
Afrika Spectrum UG 633 .A69 142
Afrika und Ubersee PL 8000 Z4
Afrika Zamani DT 20 A66
Afrique Agriculture S19 .A37M
Afrique Contemporaine DT352 F626
ALA Bulletin PL8010 .A37M
Algerie Informations DT271 .A43
Amuka AP27 .A63
Arid Lands Newsletter GB841 .A75M
ASA News DT19.9.U5 F67
Asian and African Studies (AAS) DT1 .F656
ASPJ Africa and Francophonie UG 633 .A69 142
Au Couer de l’Afrique BX1682.R8 T54
Australasian Review of African Studies DT19.9.A8 A35
AWEPA Bulletin DT1756 .A94
Azania GN 865 .E2 F66
Aziia I Afrika Segodnia DS35 .A72
Bellagio Publishers Network Newsletter Z119 .B45
Black Academy Review E185.5 .F703
British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies DS41 .B74M
Bulletin of Francophone Africa DT14 .B83
Cahiers Africains d’Administration Publique JQ 1870.A1 F66
Cahiers d’Etudes Africaines DT 1 F604
Canadian Journal of African Studies DT 19.9 C3 F67
CELAAN PQ 3988.5.N6 C45
Civilisations CB 3 F51
Codesria Bulletin HC 501 A55M
Congo-Afrique (Kinshasa) DT641 C65M
Cooperation South (UN) HC59.7 .T13
Courants / Société Énergie et d’eau du Gabon HD 9685.G 25 C68
Critical Arts P 87 .C77
Critical Choices for South African Society JQ1916 .C74
Critical Interventions N 7380 .C75
CRNLE Journal PN771 .C45M
Cross Rhythms GR350 .C72
Current Bibliography on African Affairs Z 3501 F625
Currents (Uppsala) HN49.C6 I72
Dateline Namibia BX8063.N3 D37
Development Dialogue HD82.D389
Development Southern Africa HC 900 A1 D48
Devindex Africa Z3501 D39M
Devindex Botswana HC930.A1 D48
Diaspora GN 365 D52
Digging Stick DT 759 D573
Discovery and Innovation Q 85.2 D57
Document (ANGOP) DT611 .D62
East African Medical Journal R 98 .E3
Eastern Africa Economic Review HC513.E3 F69
Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review H 62.5 A353 E27
Education with Production LC1085 .E387
El Patio: Revista de la Cultura Hispano-Guineano DT620.4 .P38
English in Africa PR 9340 A3
Ethiopian Journal of Developmental Research HC 591 A3 E93
Ethiopian Journal of Education L81 .E8
Focus on Africa: BBC Magazine DT1 .F617
Food Research Institute HD101 .F60
Frontline DT751 .F76M
Geneve-Afrique DT1 F622
Gerontologie Africaine HQ1060 G425
Groundwork HD1333.S6 G74
Henok DT371 .H46
Hommes et Migrations DT160 F49
Horn of Africa DT 367 .A2 H67
Human Rights Tribune (Ottawa) JC571 .H797
ICASALS Newsletter GB 841 I14
IDPR (International Development Planning 2010 HC 60 .I546
Indian Ocean Review DS331 .I54
Information Notes and Briefings DT1155 .I54
Inside AISA HC 501 S65
International Affairs Bulletin D843 .S595M
International African Bibliography Z 3503 F71
International Journal of African Historical Studies DT 1 .F68
International Journal of Sierra Leone Studies DT516 .I612
International Journal of Theology and Philosophy in Africa BT30.A4 I57
Isivivane PL8009.5 .I88
Islam et sociétés au sud du Sahara BP64.A4 S824
ISSUP Bulletin UA856 .I84
JALA: Journal of the African Literature Association PL 8009.5 .J35
Jeune Afrique DT1 .F609
Jeune Afrique L’intelligent DT 1 F609
Journal des Africanistes DT 1 F31
Journal for Contemporary History D410 .J63
Journal of African Civilizations DT14 .J68
Journal of African Communications P92.A4 J68
Journal of African Cultural Studies PL 8000 A29
Journal of African Economies HC 800 A1 J68
Journal of African History DT1 .F60
Journal of African Languages and Linguistics DT 1 .F60
Journal of African Law PL 8000 J87
Journal of African Studies DT1 .J653
Journal of Contemporary African Studies DT 1 J67
Journal of Eastern African Research and Development DT365.A2 J67
Journal of Eritrean Studies DT391 .J68
Journal of Ethiopian Studies DT371 .F63
Journal of Modern African Studies DT 1 .F63
Journal of North African Studies DT 160 .J68
Journal of Postcolonial Writing PR 1 W65
Journal of Psychology in Africa
(was Journal of African Psychology)
BF 108 A3 J6
Journal of Religion in Africa BR 1360 A1 F67
Journal of Social Development in Africa HN 780 Z9 J68
Journal of Social Science H1 .J59
Journal of Southern African Studies DT 727 .J68
Journal of the Historical Society of Nigeria DT515.A1 F57
Journal of West African Languages PL 8017 F642
Kasa Bya Kasa GN655.I9 K3
Kenya Past and Present DT434 E25 F71
KiSwahili PL8701 .F30
La Renaissance DT1 .R37
Land Update DT1760 .L3
Leeds African Studies Bulletin DT 19.95 L4 L43
Leeds African Studies Bulletin DT19.95.L4 L43
Les Cahiers du Celhto PL8000 .C32
Lesotho Index Z3558 .L47
Liberia Newsletter DT621 .L522
Liberian Studies Journal DT 621 F68
Link Up Z672 .L56
Logos DT701 .L63
Maghreb-Machrek/Monde Arabe DT 181 F64
MALA Bulletin Z673.M35 M34
Mawazo DT1 .F672
Middle East Report
(Middle East Research and Information Project Reports MERIP)
DS 42 M46A
Moto DT 962 A2 M67
Nairobi Law Monthly K14 .A33
Namibia Review DT 703 .N35M
Namibia Youth: official bulletin of the SWAPO Youth League DT701 .N36
NELM News PR 9364 .N45
New African HC511 .F66
New Contrast AP 9 C67
New South African Outlook DT 1701 N48
Newsletter on African Studies in the Netherlands DT1 .N48
Newswatch [Nigeria] AP9 .N52
Nigeria Magazine DT515.A1 F34
Nigeria: Bulletin on Foreign Affairs DT515.A1 F71
Nigerian Books in Print Z3597 .N54
Nigerian Forum DT515.A2 N66
Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social Studies HC517.N48 F59
Nigerian Journal of International Affairs JX18 .N52
Nigerian Management Review HD70.N43 N4
Nigerian Periodicals Index Z6960.N5 N5
Northeast African Studies DT 39 N66
Notes Africaines DT1 .F39
Notre Librairie PQ3980 .A38
Nyame Akuma CC 1 N92M
Okike PR9898.N5 A1 F71
Oye AP9 .O99
PIDSA Abstracts HB3661.A3 P52
Politikon JA 26 P684
Politique Africaine DT 1 P62
Ponto and Virgula DP501 .P61
Popindex Africa HB3661.A3 P63
Pount DT411 .F66
Presence Africaine GN 645 .F47
Psychopathologie Africaine RC 321 P97
Quarterly Index to Africana Periodical Literature Z 3503 .Q38
Quarterly Journal of Administration JQ3088 .F66
Quest B1 .A235
Race and Class HT 1501 .F59
Race Today HT1501 .R3M
Refugee Reports HV640 .R45
Refugee Survey Quarterly HV 640 .R37
Refugees HV640 .F68
Religion in Malawi BL2470.M38 R45
Research in African Literatures PL 8010 .R46
Research Review (University of Ghana) H1 .S63M
Resister: bulletin of the Committee on South African
War Resistance
DT779.952 .R48
Review of African Political Economy HC 501 .R46
Rural Africana HC501 .F67
SAIRR Social and Economic Update DT763 .F38
Sciences au Sud Q 179.9 .S354
Second Order B5300 .S43
Social Dynamics H 1 .S63M
Soronda Revista de Estudos Guineenses DT613.A2 S66
South Africa Facts and Figures HC905.A1 S655
South Africa Review Service multiple
South African Archaeological Bulletin GN 861 F45
South African Geographical Journal G 1 .F17
South African Journal of Economics HB9 F33
South African Journal on Human Rights K 23 .O68
South African Labour Bulletin HD 8799 S72 S68
South Letter HC59.69 .S68
Southern Africa Report DT 751 S66
Southern African Economist HC900.A1 S67
Southern African Feminist Review HQ1800.5 .S69
Southern African Polticial and Economic Monthly,
South African Economist
DT 1155 S68
Southern African Update DT727 .S7
Spore DT515 A1 F62
SPSC Letter DT346.S7 S17
Strategic Review for Southern Africa UA10.5 .I85
Studies in African Linguistics PL 8000 S85
Swapo Information Bulletin DT714 .S8
Taamuli JQ2945.A1 F70
Tanzanian Affairs DT 436 B84
Technoserve World (was Technoserve Newsletter) HC 59.8 T43
Tell (Lagos) AP9 .T44
Tempo DT1 .T45M
The Ahfad Journal AS699.S8 K35
The Courier [Brussels] HC59.7 .C664
The CVN F 75 C24 C86
The Literary Griot PL 8010 L48
Third World Libraries Z730 .T5
Third World Quarterly HC 59.7 T458
Toward Freedom D839 .T66
TRAC HD991.A1 T73
Transafrican Journal of History DT1 .F71
Transition (Uganda) DT 1 .F613
Ufahamu DT1 .F70
Umoja GN643 .U46
Umsebenzi HX 450.5 .A53
Walia QL337.E8 W3M
WAMP Bulletin AM80 .B85
WARA. (Newsletter. West African Research Association) DT 470 W47
Washington Notes on Africa DT 1 .W35
Wildlife News QL84.6.A1 A35
Wisconsin African Studies News & Notes DT19.95.W5 W57
Wits Student LG471.J6 A63
Women in Action HQ1101 .W68
World Development HC4 .W66
World Population Data Sheet HB 848 W672
World Refugee Survey HV 640 .W63
WorldAids RA644.A25 W65
Zambezia DT 751 F69
Zimbabwe Books in Print Z3578 .Z56
Zimbabwe Journal of Economics HC910.A1 Z55
Zimbabwe Librarian Z857.R45 F69
Zimbabwe Science News Q85 .F67
Zimbabwean Prehistory GN865.R5 R52M

Subject Guide to Journals in the African Studies Library


  • The Digging Stick
  • Nyame Akuma
  • South African Archaeological Bulletin


  • African Arts
  • Critical Arts


  • Afrika und Ubersee
  • Critical Arts
  • Cultures Sud
  • Journal of African Cultural Studies
  • Middle East Research and Information Project
  • Moto Magazine


  • Africa Research Bulletin Economic Series
  • Africa Research Bulletin Political Series
  • African Affairs
  • CVN
  • Jeune Afrique L’Intelligent
  • New African
  • Tanzanian Affairs


  • AFRA news
  • Africa Development/Afrique et Devellopement
  • Africa Insight
  • Development Southern Africa
  • Ethiopian Journal of Development Research
  • Third World Quaterly
  • World Development


  • Diaspora
  • Transition
  • The Literary Griot


  • African Econmic History
  • African Economic History Review
  • Eastern Africa Economic Review
  • Journal of African Economies
  • Southern African Journal of Economics
  • Southern African Economist
  • Zimbabwe Journal of Economics


  • African Journal of Special Needs Education
  • Education with Production
  • Ethiopian Journal of Education


  • Africa Media Review
  • Africa Quarterly (India)
  • Africa Update
  • Africa Today
  • African Studies
  • African Studies Bulletin
  • African Studies Monographs
  • African Studies Review
  • Africana Bulletin (Poland)
  • CVN
  • Canadian Journal of African Studies
  • Horn of Africa
  • Journal of Contemporary African Studies
  • Journal of Modern African Studies
  • Journal of Southern African Studies
  • Kenya Past and Present
  • Liberian Studies Journal
  • New African


  • African Journal of Health Sciences (online access)
  • East African Medical Journal
  • Journal of Psychology in Africa
  • Psychopathologie Africaine
  • WorldAids


  • International Journal of African Historical Studies
  • Journal for Contemporary History
  • Journal of African Civilizations
  • Journal of African History
  • Journal of the Historical Society of Nigeria
  • Transafrican Journal of History
  • Zimbabwean Prehistory


  • Race and Class
  • South African Journal on Human Rights


  • African Arts
  • Transition
  • Zambezia


  • South African Labour Bulletin
  • New South African Outlook
  • Umsebenzi


  • Afrique Agriculture
  • Arid Lands Newsletter


  • Afrika und Ubersee
  • English in Africa
  • Journal of African Languages and Linguistics
  • Journal of West African Languages
  • Kiswahili
  • Studies in African Linguistics


  • Nairobi Law Monthly


  • Critical Arts
  • Journal of Postcolonial Writing
  • The Literary Griot
  • New Contrast
  • Research in African Literatures
  • South African Journal of African Languages


  • African Armed Forces


  • African Research Bulletin Political Series
  • African Affairs
  • African Communist
  • African Geopolitics
  • African Journal of Political Science
  • Afrika Spectrum
  • Middle East Research and Information Project Reports
  • Monde Arabe/Maghreb-Machrek
  • Moto Magazine
  • New South African Outlook
  • Politique Africaine
  • Politikon
  • Review of African Political Economy
  • Third World Quarterly


  • African Book Publishing Record


  • A Current Bibliography of African Affairs
  • International African Bibliography


  • International Journal of Theology
  • Islam et societes au sud du Sahara
  • Journal of Religion in Africa
  • New South African Outlook
  • Religion in Malawi


  • Refugee Reports
  • Refugee Survey Quarterly
  • Refugees
  • World Refugee Survey


  • Actualité Scientifique
  • Discovery and Innovation
  • Sciences au Sud
  • Zimbabwe Science News


  • Eastern African Social Science Research Review


  • African Technology Forum
  • Link UpTechnoserve World

Journals by Country and Region


  • Eastern African Social Sciences Research ReviewEast African medical Journal


  • The Ethiopian Journal of Development ResearchHorn of Africa


  • Horn of AfricaNortheast African Studies


  • Liberian Studies Journal


  • Kenya Past and Present


  • African Armed Forces
  • African Communist
  • African Studies
  • Critical Arts
  • New Contrast
  • New South African Outlook
  • South African Archaeological Journal
  • South African Geographical Journal
  • South African Journal on Human Rights
  • South African Labour Bulletin


  • Development Southern Africa
  • Journal of Southern African Studies


  • Moto Magazine