African Studies Library Call Numbers

Africa Studies Call Numbers

These Library of Congress call number ranges comprise the core African Studies texts and are found on the 6th floor.  Reference materials designated with the location “African Studies” or “African Document” will be found in the reading room of the African Studies Library on the sixth floor of Mugar Memorial Library.

Mugar Call Number Subject Area
BL 2400-2490 African Religions
BP 64 Islam in Africa
BR 1360-1470 Christianity in Africa
BV 3500-3630 Missions in Africa
DT 1-3516 African History
GN 643-661
GN 861-865
African Anthropology, and Archaeology
GR 350-360 African Folklore
HC 501-599
HC 800-1085
African Economic Conditions
LA 1500-2090 History of Education, in Africa
LG 401-681 Educational Institutions, in Africa
J 700-899 African Colonial Era Government Documents
JQ 1870-3981 Political Institutions and Public Administration, Africa
PJ 2301-2615 Hamitic languages spoken in Africa, including Berber and Tuareg languages
PJ 8900-9300 Semitic languages spoken in Africa, including Arabic, Somali and Ethiopian languages
PL 8000-8844 African Languages and Literature
PQ 3980-3989.2 African Literature in French
PR 9340-9408 African Literature in English
PT 6500-6593 Afrikaans Literature
UA 855-858 Armies: Organization, distribution, military situation by region or country, Africa
Z 3500-3975 African Bibliography
Folio DT African History (Outsized volumes)
Folio Z 3500 – Z 3975 African Bibliography (Outsized volumes)

Many African Studies texts that are multidisciplinary (e.g. Art History, Health) are shelved on the lower floors of the Mugar Library, or even at branch libraries (e.g. Business in Africa).  See the list below.


Mugar Library Floors: Basement, Floors 1-5

Those marked with (N) are accessible by the North Elevator or stairs only.

Those marked with (S) are accessible by the South Elevator or stairs only.

  • A – Mugar Storage*
  • B – 4th floor
  • BF – 3rd floor
  • C – 4th floor
  • D – 4th floor
  • DT – 6th floor – (N)
  • E – 4th floor
  • F – 4th floor
  • G – 4th floor
  • H-HJ – 4th floor
  • HM-HX – 3rd floor
  • J – 4th floor
  • K – 4th floor
  • L – 4th floor
  • M – 2nd floor
  • N – 2nd floor
  • P-PA – 4th floor
  • PB-PT – 5th floor – (N)
  • Q – 3rd floor
  • R – 3rd floor
  • S – 4th floor
  • T – 4th floor
  • U – 4th floor
  • V – 4th floor
  • X – 1st floor
  • Y – 5th floor – (S)
  • Z – 1st floor

*These materials are retrieved by Library staff, simply provide staff members with call numbers.


  • African Studies –6th floor (N)*
  • Fuller Storage* –Circulation –1st floor
  • Mugar Folio –2nd floor
  • Mugar Micro –Basement (S)
  • Mugar Multi-Media* –Music –2nd floor
  • Mugar Oversize* –Circulation –1st floor
  • Mugar Reference –1st floor
  • Mugar Storage* –Circulation –1st floor
  • Music Library –2nd floor
  • Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center –5th floor