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Archive of the Republic of Niger (AREN) at Boston University

photo of assorted postage stamps from Niger


About the Archive

The Archive of the Republic of Niger at Boston University (AREN) is designed to serve not only as an archive but also as a bridge between Nigerien and American stakeholders on both sides of the Atlantic. The growing collection of digital material, including photographs dating back to the 1960s, can be accessed from the menu below.

The print collection is housed in the African Studies Library Reading Room and is currently being processed. While the African Studies Library is open to the public, you may wish to contact us ahead of time so that we can better assist you.

Material at Boston University

Contributing to AREN

Unlike some archival collections, the Archive of the Republic of Niger (AREN) is intended to be a growing archive. We are actively seeking out contributors and selectively building the archive.

If you have materials from Niger that you might consider contributing to AREN, feel free to fill out the submission form (including a link to our Deed of Gift form and other information): http://tinyurl.com/NigerArchiveSubmission or contact the African Studies Library at asl@bu.edu. It is our hope that this collection grow to serve as a national resource for materials from and about the Republic of Niger.

We wish to acknowledge the following individuals for their generous donations:

  • Carrie Allen
  • Cathy Della Penta
  • Thomas Hale
  • Larry Harms
  • Mason Hults
  • John Hutchison
  • Judy Irola
  • Larry Koff
  • Russell G. Schuh
  • James Thomson
  • Jennifer Yanco

Special Thanks to the following organizations: