About the Samuel M. Fineman Law Library and the Pappas Law Library

The Samuel M. Fineman Law Library and the Pappas Law Library hold one of the largest law school research collections in the United States. The law libraries subscribe to an array of legal and law-related databases, indexes and ejournals and has over one million volumes in digital and print formats. Access to the collection is provided through BU Law Library Search, WorldCat, and research guides on the library website. The library is staffed by highly trained professionals, who provide the knowledge and expertise necessary for the optimal use of these research resources.

Housed in the Law Complex, the Fineman Law Library and the Pappas Law Library, the libraries provide a variety of spaces for individual and collaborative study including individual study carrels and small group study rooms. Computers for research and study are available in the instructional classroom on the third floor of the Fineman Library and the Pappas reading room. Printing and wireless access are available throughout the library.

The library provides access to free and licensed electronic resources, including Bloomberg Law, HeinOnline, Lexis+, Westlaw Edge, and other major research platforms. Off-campus access to licensed resources is provided by EZproxy technology. The library’s classrooms and research computers provide access to Microsoft Office, Adobe Professional, Zotero, and other software supporting law school study.

The library’s resources include state and federal case law, statutes, legislative history, regulations and administrative law materials, significant legal periodicals, and a major collection of legal treatises. The library has developed an international law collection with emphasis on materials dealing with the European Union, the United Nations, international trade, and human rights. Additionally, in support of the law school’s various specialized curricula and journals, the library has developed substantial collections in intellectual property law, health law, banking and financial law, and tax law.

The library is a member of major local, national and international resource sharing groups. Memberships in OCLC SHARES, the Boston Library Consortium, the Association of Boston Law Librarians, and the New England Law Library Consortium open the resources of many other libraries to Boston University law students. In many instances, materials can be obtained on an expedited basis.

The legal information librarians have both law and library degrees and considerable experience in legal research instruction, including teaching required research classes to all new law students. The librarians also offer orientations, library tours, individual research consultations, and teach specialized legal research classes and a popular “Certificate in Research Skills for Practice” program. The library has extensive reference hours to provide daily assistance in the use of its rich and varied collections. Virtual reference services include LiveChat and email reference.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a vibrant community center at the core of the student experience at BUSL and provide a foundation for successful faculty teaching and scholarship.  We partner with the law school to create a dynamic and thriving community of learning and study.

In supporting students, we provide innovative programming, instruction, and excellent personal service in a welcoming, twenty-first century, student-centered space.

In supporting faculty, we proactively provide expert research services and expansive, curated resources for their scholarship and teaching.

We strive to be a leader in providing excellent service without boundaries to our students, faculty, and the broader BU community.