Social Innovation on Drug Resistance

Drug resistance is an inevitable biological process driven by evolution, but made worse by human behavior, threatening to usher in a post-antibiotic era. While the new products created from CARB-X’s pre-clinical product development support are an important step in preventing that, an equally important challenge is to understand the impact of human behavior on the evolution of drug-resistant microbes. The tools for this effort will be interdisciplinary, rooted in the social sciences.

To advance these important goals The Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy and the Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Biopharmaceutical Accelerator, or CARB-X, created SIDR, an interdisciplinary postdoctoral fellowship program focused on the interaction of human behavior and drug-resistant infections.

Solutions to these problems will require interdisciplinary teams rooted in the social sciences. To help create these solutions, the SIDR Postdoctoral Program provides two academic years of funding to cover a competitive salary and benefits for postdoctoral associates recruited to work on innovative projects proposed by Boston University faculty teams.

This program allows for a diversity of collaborative projects and makes data from CARB-X available for research.

Kevin Outterson, JD, (LAW) is the Director of SIDR.

Current SIDR Research

Following the latest application round, BU professors across seven BU Schools will work with five Postdoctoral Associates on interdisciplinary research projects applying social science to the problem of drug-resistant infections: